Boeing 747 Private Jet Price

747 Boeing Private Jet Price

Boeing 747-8 VIP is the longest and second largest commercial aircraft ever built. This jewel's starting price is $367 million, and that's before any luxury changes are integrated into the Jumbo Jet. GREATLY LOW PRICE AND FAST DELIVERY! 747-8 is one of the most successful models of Boeing´s. The private jet was purchased for a total price of between 120 and 150 million US dollars.

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The Boeing 747, which is immediately recognised by travellers all over the planet, is in a league of its own. 747-400 is the latest passanger edition of this dignified airplane, with hundred of carriers all over the word. Both the 747-400 and 747-400ER are available with the award-winning Boeing Signature Interiors. With 876 m3 ( 31,285 ft), the 747-400 has the highest female occupant capacity of any civil jet, corresponding to more than three 135 m2 each.

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Boeing 747 is one of the most popular airliners of all times, known as "Jumbojet" or "Queen of Heaven". 747-200F was the payload variant of the aircraft specifically developed for storing large and cumbersome goods over long distance. A 747-200F with a 105 tonne ( 95.3 tonne) production capability was first put into operation at Lufthansa in 1972.

The Reagan administration ordered two 747s in 1985 to supersede the White House Boeing 707, which had been serving as Air Force One since 1962. Between 1969 and 1991, under 400 Boeing 747-200 were built, when the plane was substituted by the 747-300. Long established, Boeing dates back to 1910, when William E. Boeing, a prosperous timber trader and aeroplane lover, purchased a Seattle yard that became his first aeroplane plant.

Boeing was an important player in the US aircraft market within seven years and had 50 aircraft in its hands to the US Army. Today Boeing sells the latest 747-8, the 747-8, for 386.8 million US dollars. VC-25s, which are used as Air Force One by all US President George H. W. Bush and above, are actually strongly altered 747-200s.

1991 wrote a 747-200F story by transporting 1,122 air travelers; more than any other aircraft in the story. El Al's freighter was used in a clandestine operations, Salomon, to carry the whole of Ethiopia's Jewry - 14,325 men, woman and child - to Israel in 36 hrs.

Boeing 747s is sold by a number of web sites. Since only 393 Boeing 747-200 were produced and many of them were scraped in the meantime, the 747-200F's sale is rather scarce. Please see the page entitled Cargo Charters if you would like to rent a Boeing 747-200F.

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