Boeing 787 Dreamliner Price

Dreamliner Boeing 787 price list

What does a Boeing 787 pay? Like last year - The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) Boeing Co. has been the first company in the world to take this step since the onset of the global economic downturn. will not increase the price of their airliners. On Monday evening Reuters announced that Boeing's July 2015 strike price would stay in force for 2016.

This means that a 787-9 still bears a price of 264.6 million dollars and a 737-900ER still cost 101.9 million dollars, according to the new price paper.

Of course, nobody has to pay the price of the lists. Even with this, neither Boeing nor its arch rival Airbus can approach enough orders to fulfil their previous forecasts. The Boeing Group had year-round orders for all its airliners at 535 and overall orders for wide-body aircraft (747, 777, 787) at 215.

In January, Airbus increased the price of its airliners. But the most costly airliner on the scene is the A380-800 supersjumbo Airbus with a price of $432.6 million. Boeing's nearest rival has this aircraft in relation to seating capability, the 747-8, which still has a price listing of $378.5 million.

The two aircraft are suffering from a shortage of new orders, mainly due to the costly four-engine construction. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is competing with the Airbus A350-800, which is costing 272.4 million dollars, and the A350-900, which is costing 308.1 million dollars. It is certain that Boeing will not deceive potential clients by keeping its aircraft price at last year's level.

This step just recognises the realities that the markets are smooth, orders are tight and price increases are undoubtedly a pointless practice, because no one will take a higher price as a basis for negotiations, let alone paying the higher price. The Boeing share was quoted at 131.20 $ over a 52-week period from 102.10 $ to 150.59 $ at midday on Tuesday, at about 1.3%.

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