Boeing Bbj Aircraft for Sale

Bbj Boeing aircraft for sale

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Business Boeing Jets - Charter business jets

Because of our large Boeing Business Jet and Boeing aircraft operator networks, each aircraft is truly one of a kind, but most can accommodate up to 18 passengers in comfort and have luxury facilities such as a large lounge, main room, second bedroom/office, three toilets as well as a large kitchen and recreation room for the entire team.

Related layout and spacing are available for many of the Boeing Business Jet aircraft we supply, including the Boeing Business Jet, Boeing Business Jet 2 and Boeing Business Jet 3. Equipment varies from aircraft to aircraft, but may includes amusement equipment, televisions, DVD and video recorders, and hi-fi audios.

Most aircraft have built-in functions for remote communication via satellites including e-mail, conference calls, TV and a normal hard copy facsimile device. Featuring a top cruising performance of 528 km/h and a cruising distance of 6045 sea mile, this aircraft is the ultimatum in terms of size, cruising distance, usefulness and efficiency and can take you from L.A. to London, New York to Madrid or Paris to Tokyo with the highest level of convenience anduxury.

The Boeing is available in three different types. Below you will learn more about each of these three aircraft: The BBJ is known as the ultimative corporate jet, with almost three times the capacity of other executives' jet aircraft, a non-stop line covering New York to Honolulu, Cairo or Buenos Aires, and a freshly cosy cabin interiors, comprising a queen-size bedroom suites, up to 2 high shower and lounge, eating and meeting rooms.

BBJ 2 is about 19 ft longer than the BBJ originally, with 25 per cent more cab room and twice the load area. Accordingly, this will lower operational cost and extend reach in comparison to the initial BBJ. BBJ 3 is the biggest BBJ and has an impressing reach across all continents.

Bigger than its previous model (BBJ2) in exterior dimensions and inside cab, the BBJ3 was developed to provide the same extraordinary power in a bigger pack. Select up to 3 aircraft below to juxtapose them.

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