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Cabins type Öla - taxi, auto, partial booking, rent a vehicle Where'?s your next Ola trip going? Just downlaod the app, finish the quick registration procedure and make your first booking. One of the most common trip choices available in the Ola application are: - Prime sedan: - Prime play: - First-class SUV: - outpost: - outpost: View all your available driving possibilities in the app.

  • Choice of various methods of payments that include currency, Ola Money, UPI, debit cards, etc. The bills will be sent to you by post immediately after the end of your trip. - Ola selection: - Do you know the tariffs and driving functions? - Ola Play: Get free cabin entertainments in Prime Player, Prime SUV, Lux, Outstation and other selected funfairs.

Watch music, videos, films, TV shows and more on the go! - Plan a ride: They can also flag work-related or business-related journeys as company journeys. You will receive bills for these journeys at your regular e-mail addres. Enterprises can use Ola Corporation to simply monitor and sponsors employee commute.

Booking your own app via your own web browser, Taxi-Aggregator Solutions Providers

Uber, Ola, Grab & Didi are billion dollars taxis aggregation app companies. Octal IT Solutions is a leading supplier of taxis and offers innovative online taxis booking solutions for apps. When you have an ideas for a portable app that can transform the transport industry, octal's portable app designers will help you give it a true form.

Developing leading-edge, feature-rich and technology-oriented mobile app development tools for taxi booking, taxi booking web portals and taxi aggregator apps that bring your company to tens of thousands of users. Given the growing incidence of harassment and data protection problems, guaranteeing customer security is a major issue for suppliers.

About began alone, but today there are tens of taxi aggregator apps working in advertising, which leads to huge competitive pressures. Only 24x7 technical assistance is required. The Number Masking function, which provides a communications link between the client and the supplier, significantly enhances the security of the client. The payment of the precise amount of money has always been a matter of great importance to our clients.

Enable your clients to reserve their taxis with just one click from their smartphones. Keep your hands on your fleets, riders, customers as well as your insight with a high-performance dashboard. To bring your cab aggregation business into the online realm, we develop feature-rich cab booking app solutions. Automatize everything - your orders, reservations, driver, customers as well as your information with one central gateway and one app.

Using an enhanced Rating & Review system it becomes simple to satisfy your clients and motivate your riders. Customize your tariffs and collaborate with your clients even when travel expense accounting is disabled. Categorize your fleets into riders into different lanes, making it simple for clients and riders to select their driving style.

With our portable taxibook app, you can get enhanced functionality, Dashboards, and manage ment-tools for you, your driver, and your clients. At ? you can book your vehicle to and from the airports. Book trips for other people at ? Book your trip on an hours base at ? Book your trip without registration at ? Forward your inquiry to other riders at ?

Please agree to the inquiry for the driver named by him. Online chat services between driver and client. Administrate the service provider's service provider kit, state, town, vehicle, etc. Creates your own driver, clients, and employees. Make, change and delete a booking at ? Administer the work task and the dismissal of the driver. The administrator can define his trading partner.

At ? you can set different tariffs for different client groups. ? Adds transactions for riders and clients. Manage transactions reporting, employment reporting, payments behavior & app booking usage at ? Divide the orders between your riders in a practical and equitable way. This app queues all operators within 5 min. to the client and sends the order to the available operator.

Improves client retention by minimising wait times. Boost driver commitment through an equitable allocation of jobs. Remove the inactivity of the driver. This is a beautiful scheduling board to administer your vehicle park and your driver. Driver App was developed with great precision, making it easy for your riders to browse important information. Help your driver to get well viewable jobs with the important information on the display.

Our system will automate the process of accepting payments from your driver. Establish price ranges for your customers. Locate areas with the most cabin requirements and allocate more cars and chauffeurs in that particular area. The 1-Click -Taxi-Button allows your customers to take a one-click cab from any hotel, restaurant, bar or other place in your town.

This app is simple to use for you, your riders and fellow-travellers. Further information about you, your company and your chauffeur will ensure a personalised experience for your clients and win their confidence and loyality. Getting your own personal computer with your own map of a city. Our use of Global Positioning System (GPS) is optimal for you, your chauffeurs and your clients.

Determine the exact position of your cabins, your driver can follow the client's position and your client can see a cab appear on the chart - all in near-time. We are proud to provide outstanding mobile app solutions. The Octal IT Solution is a design company that strives to meet all the requirements of its client from start to finish.

Our enterprise provides the client with what it demands with 100% client satifaction.

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