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The Presidential Aviation offers unique private jet holidays aboard our fleet of luxuriously appointed late model aircraft. Luxurious private jet holidays and packages - PPJV Working in conjunction with renowned global players in the luxurious cruise business, Presidential aviation is creating private jet tours aboard our luxurious later models including Gulfstream, Challenger and Falcon jetliners. While working with our professional airline crew, we would like to encourage you to choose the private jet that best meets your needs and wishes, depending on the sizes of your group, your destinations and your routes.

Available for the length of your journey, your jet provides the ideal setting for intergenerational families and commuter services that bring back unforgettable experiences. For you, our experts will create a tailor-made route to suit your individual tastes and lifestyles. It is our belief that this is the foundation for an exceptional luxurious travelling adventure not found in any brochure.

Private jet holidays are truly the embodiment of travelling.

Personal Jet Travel

Join one of our stunning private jet tours around the globe for the journey of a lifetime and experience the wonder of the worlds that have captivated your fantasy. You' ll be visiting an unbelievable range of distant locations on a single route and with class, made possible by the ease and comforts of a specially designed Boeing 757 for only 80 people.

Experienced professionals and employees spend action-packed evenings sharing their knowledge with icon places and exciting events that allow you to get up close and personal with the local culture, traditions and nature.

Luxus-Reiseveranstalter Private Trips

Travelling. Journey along the intersection of civilisations and extensively discover the Balkans, where antique fortified towns keep watch over Buddhist gems, Ottoman bridge historical channels cross and fairy-tale palaces lead across silent Alpenseas. Discover the fauna, scenery and culture of eight different nations on this intriguing African Continent. Journey through Africa, from the wide open spaces of the Serengeti to the South African vineyard and the old Ethiopian church.

On a private jet, you' ll take your private jet to nine fabulous locations, from the banks of the Arabian Sea to the snow-capped Himalayan heights. Explore first-hand the pulsing culture and unbelievable scenery of the Arabian Peninsula and South Asia. Take a private jet to Mystic Kingdoms of Asia, an exciting luxurious cruise that explores old physical and mental customs.

Join Dr. Andrew Weil, the world-renowned market leading and pioneering in the fields of integrated medical care, on a journey to eight exciting Asian cities. What's the point of traveling with us? With our tour guides you will have privileged entry to some of the best sights in the globe and experience unforgettable moments only with us, so you can make genuine links with the peoples, animals, cultural heritage and nature marvels that live on this planet.

Searching for new travel destination and curating novel routes.

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