To Book a Taxi

In order to book a taxi

For pre-bookings, please select a destination address. The desired pick-up time can then be selected under "Pick-up time" in the "Order overview (order options)". It is possible to book a taxi for any day and any time up to four days in advance. You can also go to the simple booking contact form and fill in the contact form.

G7 TAXI - Book a taxi at the App Store.

The G7 Taxi is the first taxi reservation application in Paris and the Ile-de-France. Ask for a trip and let one of our 8000 chauffeurs pick you up within a few moments. A taxi can be ordered for immediate departures or booked up to 14 nights in advanced. What is the best way to book? 8,000 riders in the Ile-de-France region means there's sure to be one near you!

  • Follow the arrivals of your taxi in front of you in front of the card. You will get all the information you need to find your taxi quickly (registration number, make and colour of the vehicle). - You can choose the means of payments with G7: Our taxi services allow the use of credit card without minimal amount (CB, Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard, Amex, JCB).
  • Evaluate your experiences during your journey or up to 7 working days after your journey and help us enhance our service. Did you just arrive in Paris by air or rail? Booking your own L7 on your arrivals at the following railway and airport stations: Booking is made easy and my billing information is stored so I never have to have money with me.

Vehicles are always flawless and our driver is very professionally.

FAQ about the taxi services. TAXI - How to book a TAXI? Well, the answer's here.

What is it like to book a taxi? The taxi registration forms at the top of the page make your taxi transfers very convenient and uncomplicated. They can make a posting in 2 mins. Using the posting application, you can book a taxi. You can also go to the basic bookings enquiry and fill in the enquiry details.

Use of the reservation tool is the simple and fast way, since you input all necessary information and prevent later correction of your information for the taxi reservation. When should I book the transfers? You can sometimes organise transport in ten and a half hours, but we recommend that you book at least two working days before your trip or we recommend that you book if you have already made a reservation (plane tickets, cruises, etc.).

To pay by credit cards or money to the chauffeur, you must be available by telephone on the date of your reservations and one working days before the bank wire is made. I have inadvertently forgotten the paid order form after placing an order with applications and selecting on-line payments. Once your registration has been successful, you will receive a message at your e-mail as to how you can register on our website.

Click the "Pay now" link How do I book a taxi shuttle with the taxi reservation application? Please fill in your postal code by pressing the box below the query (Collection). You must select your pick-up location from the drop-down list, otherwise the reservation will not work.

In order to make a booking for a car, choose a car by pressing the Book nose next to the car of your preference. Fill in your details and click the Next icon. A " Wait " alert will be sent to your e-mail adress. Please review the information provided in the notice to review.

"This message informs you whether your order has been approved or rejected. Contactsheet - Which information is required for a taxi reservation? In case you would rather use a reservation request instead of a reservation request, please fill in these data: I: Enter this information in the enquiry form:

What is the best way to get a taxi to work? Cancellation of taxi orders is free of charge 12 hours prior to departure. This can be done by taxi reservation request, by telephone or via the enquiry sheet. Cancelling a taxi order is best done by using the reservation tool. Locate the Reversal checkbox, type the reference number, and then click the highlighted icon (Reversal).

You will find the credential number on your e-mail address. You will receive something like this on your e-mail with the subject after ordering the taxi reservation (booking message: order number - 5585ba2fc45e9). Even if you type in your e-mail, you will find the ref number: 5585ba2fc45e9 at the top of your page in the right hand side of the page.

Your chauffeur will wait in the terminal upon arrival. Signed in your pocket with your name or the name you gave when you made your reservation. After a one hours wait, our chauffeurs have orders to go there and call you by your name. Included in the fee is the first lesson of the wait.

Every extra lesson of wait at the airports will be calculated according to the pricelist. Make sure when making your reservation that you choose the right vehicle based on the number of people and baggage. Taxi company. What area does your TAXI work in?

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