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The Ashore Water Taxi was so much more than a water taxi service. Kachemak Bay Homer Alaska Water Taxi Think of Baylink II as your gate to Kachemak Bay State park, with many great walking paths, camp tents, parking service hire houses, shells, angling, sight-seeing and more. The round tour taxi service only operates $70-$85 per passenger to most locations. Don't miss the great walking at Kachemak Bay State park.

Accompany us on a led hiking tour from Glacier Spit to Glacier Lake or Sadie Knob. Please see trailer detail and description below. Interpretative walk to Grewingk Glacier: Take a water taxi over Kachemak Bay to Glacier Spit at Kachemak Bay State Par and accompany your tour leader on a walk to Grewingk Glacier Lake.

He or she will be able to help you determine the best way to get there, identifying the eatable flora along the way and allowing you to see the phases of afforestation along the glacier margins and giving you a lot of information that you wouldn't get if you were to walk alone. This path leads through shallow terrains, through poplar and fir trees and over the arid flood plains of the Grewingk Glacier.

Ends at the wide, open shores of Grewingk Lake Gardens. The path provides a magnificent view of the ice and the mountains. The icebergs swimming in the lakes offer the opportunity for great pictures. Excursion price including return with water taxi, travel leader and State Farm charge. Otter Cove Resort can also be visited and overnighted in the staterooms, with direct entry to the Sadie Knob trails in front of your cab.

Or take our water taxi and walk the Grace Ridge Trail. The Sadie Knob as well as the Grace Ridge Trail are wonderful! The Glacier Lake Trail - The entrance to the trail is a quick drive over Kachemak Bay with our water taxi Baylink. A small campsite at Glacier Spit Trailhead; Right Beach (accessible from Glacier Spit at low tide); Rusty's Campsite; Grewingk Lake.

Remember to camp on a higher part of the plains of Grewingk Lakes; mudslides from the burrs dropping into the water could create splashes of 50 ft or more along the shoreline. Walking time: 80 min from Glacier Spit trailhead (wind endangered beach: early bird drop-off best, afternoon/evening pick-up at Saddle Trailhead) Walk to trailshead at the intersection of Grewingk and Glacier Lakes trail (1 mile).

Available water: Rustyâs campsite; small creek near the intersection of the Saddle Trail. Describe the trail: This is a beloved round trip connected by the Saddle and Grewingk trail. Walking through shallow terrains, through cotton and fir forests and over the arid flood plains of Grewingk Glacier. Ends at the wide, open sandy shore of Grewingk Glacier Lake.

There is a wonderful view of the ice and the mountains around. The Saddle Path - The entrance to the path is a quick drive over Kachemak Bay with our water taxi Baylink. Availability of water: Rustyâs campsite; small creek near the intersection of the Saddle Trail. Describe the trail: This path, which crosses a low crest between Halibut Bay and Grewingk Ice Creek, is a beloved lane with the Lake Trek along the Lake Gardens.

On the way back through precipitous, wooded ground you will find the Alpine Ridge and Lagoon Trails. Rocky outcrops forbid walking the shore from the footpath to the Right Beach Beach Campsite â" boating is necessary. Available water: Temporary brooks along the trails; small brooks near low areas; no water on the top.

Describe the trail: The Sadie Knob trails lead up an alps crest (visible from Homer) between Sadie Cove and Kachemak Bay. It'?s got no way into Sadie Peak in the southern area. This route leads through a pine wood, floral pastures and along a small pond. The path crosses the tree line and is signposted only with boulders or coloured signs and follows the riding line to Sadie Knob.

Walkers get excellent 360-degree vistas of Kachemak Bay, Sadie Peak, Sadie Cove, Eldred Passage and Cook Inlet Vulcanoes. The Grace Ridge trail at the Kachemak Bay State Park trailer. The entrance is a quick drive with our water taxi over the bay of Homer or from Otter Cove. The first button at 1745 feet; the peak at 3145 feet.

Available water: Kayak bathing brook; good brook at 1km. 6; no water on the mountain range; streams near the South Grace Trailhead. Directions: The route starts on the leftside of the pebble beaches at Kayak Strand Camping (an area formerly used as a pebble factory). Four provides an outstanding visibility of Sadie Knob.

Giant spruces cover the small crest and the roaring of the concealed falls can be heared. 6, a stream that flows along the path, provides a good water spring (before it rises in the mountain areas). 9 an Alpin knopf provides an outstanding goal for a half-day walk. Breathtaking vistas of Eldred Passage, Sadie Peak, Cook Inlet Vulcano and beyond are possible here.

Look out for hillbills, wild bear, sea eagle and white-headed eagle. To proceed, take the signposted south-east path through the alder, across a ridge and ascend the reefs to the summit. Back down into the alder trees, the path leads back into the pine woods and ends in Tutka Bay.

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