Book round the World

Booking around the world

This is how you book a Round the World ticket with airline alliances. Pupils save on Air New Zealand tickets as they circumnavigate the world! The following are just a few examples of the types of fares we can book for you. Use this travel planner to book your RTW ticket. Use this travel planner to book your RTW ticket.

Air New Zealand from Auckland, Hong Kong and London from $2199.

From its Auckland base, Air New Zealand is the only carrier capable of operating a truly global outfit. Benefit from Air New Zealand's many South Pacific destination advantages! Stop off in the Cook Islands on your way to New Zealand or try extra New Zealand and Australia stops from just $120*.

To book a Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Round-the-World Award

Maybe you know that you can travel around the world in Business for 280,000 Qantas points. Did you know that Cathay Pacific is offering a practically equivalent Asia Mile Round the World reward for just 210,000 Business Miles in Business Year? Asia Miles' Oneworld Multi-Carrier Awards are a unique kind of multi-city awards.

Allows you to fly up to 50,000 mile on Oneworld carriers, including up to 5 stops. The Asia Mail round the world awards make many routing possible. Following Oneworld Airline can be used with the Asia Round-the-World Award: Cathay Pacific's Oneworld Multi-Carrier Awards are based on the category of journeys and distances travelled, without superficial segment.

As well as earning mileage, you will also be required to pay tax and petrol supplements, which differ according to route and airline. This is the Awards Table from the Asia Jones website: Here is an example of a route that would take 115,000 Asia wide in Economy or only 185,000 Asia wide in Business Class:

These itineraries would be 130,000 Asia Miles in Economy, 210,000 Asia Miles in Business or 300,000 Asia Miles for First Class: The Asia Miles website allows you to browse for reward places on Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Finnair, British Airways and Iberia. All other Oneworld carriers use either Qantas or British Airways sites to look for premium availabilities.

Miles Asia is a multiple card transferring company for Australia. Have Amex, Diners Club, ANZ Rewards, NAB Rewards or Westpac Altitude points and you can earn Asia Miles points and book an Oneworld Multi-Carrier Awards! Want help posting an Asia-Miles-Round-The-World-Reward? To book a trip around the world with Asia Miles but don't know where to begin, check out our Flight Assist services from Frequenquent Flyer Solutions!

Whether you're having trouble finding the right reward flight, maximizing the value of your points while minimizing your tax bill, or finding all your routeing policies bewildering, the Flight Assist Awards are for you! To learn more about the Flight Assist awards, click here.

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