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7-seater taxi booking

Booking a comfortable 7-seater maxi cabin in 20 minutes. For the seven-seater mpv Raumtaxi there is no reservation or booking surcharge. Designed for 7 people and wheelchair accessible. Maxi Cab Singapore 6-Seater Taxi, 7-Seater Taxi or 13-Seater Minibus. On-line bookings can be made to pick you up immediately or up to 7 days in advance.

i Maxi Cab - Flatrate Service

The 7-seater Maxi Cab sedan taxi, one of the biggest and most luxury sedan cabs in Singapore, offers you a seamless and convenient journey to your goal. The MaxiCab Limousine Taxi is an exclusively designed vehicle for private and commercial use. Adapt from the sedan cabin. A $10 wait fee per 15 minute bloc (if available).

Additional stoppages are calculated at $20 per stop. Two ( 2 ) stopovers at most, with the total transfers complete within sixty ( 60 ) minute. Transfers are billed as hourly waste collection services over sixty (60) minute periods, with a min. of two (2) hour waste collection for limousine cabs and a min. of three (3) hour waste collection for private limo.

When paying by bank transfer there is an extra 10% administration fee and 7% GST (Goods & Service Tax) add.

Booking a 7-Seater Taxi

Do you plan to soon come to Singapore with your relatives or as a company? Traveling in a large group in Singapore can be a problem. The 7-seater taxi service include pick-up from Changi Airport, one-way transfer, Changi Airport departure and sightseeing tour. Problem-free reservation system.

The 7-seater taxi provides luxurious cruising at an affordable cost. Our 7-seater taxi has a roomy inside and plenty of legroom. We keep our cars neat and tidy to guarantee a smooth journey. Our 7-seater taxi stand has enough room for 5 large cases and 2 cabin-sized cases.

For our service we calculate a lump sum. You are guaranteed a guaranteed fare before you get into our 7-seater taxi because there are NO concealed taxes for everyone. Our clients are strongly advised to book in ahead for our 7-seater taxi as these cars are restricted in our fleets. No EXTRA fee for pre-booking! No pre-booking fee and no reservation fee!

Prices start at $55 for our 7-seater taxi, it's $7.86 per passenger. If there is communication, you can be sure that your Maximum Singapore will arrive at your reservation. We have several ways for you to verify your reservation with us; you can call us on +65 86852942/whatsapp/sms/telegram on +65 86852942 to talk to our kind staff to make your reservation.

If you book our 7-seater maxi-cabin Singapore via Whatsapp/ SMS/ telegram at (+65) 92712942.

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