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Latest tweets from Urban Planet (@Urban_Planet). UrbanPlanet for a chance to present yourself ? : urban-planet. How cities save our future. Urban Planet is unique in size and concept and one of the fastest growing fashion brands.

The Urban Planet is a Canadian clothing company inspired by Far Eastern fabrics and tropical colors.

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Trong>Men's Clothes & Accessories

In order to have an adventurous life style, you need a coat rack that is clean and functional. The Urban Planet Men?s and Women?s Apparel gives you easy acces to affordably priced clothes that are fashionable and created to take you home and back from work. Explore our activity and work wear and so many other kinds of clothes for every part of the workday.

Unless you are part of this group and want to give your best no matter what you do, Urban Planet has clothes that are classy and inexpensive, which means you can give your best without having to spend all your money. Combine your favorite tunics with a selection of boardshorts, jogging trousers, Cargo trousers, tight trousers and blue jersey trousers.

As soon as the sun calms down, you can pick from our range of stylish hoodie sweaters, jeans sweaters and jacket bombers. No matter whether you have a 9 to 5 o'clock or are willing to take to the street for a downtown nigh, you need comfy, stylish clothing to help you convey your own personal touch.

Check out Urban Planet clothes if you feel more on the extravagant side - they even wear sweaters and trousers! Prepare for the winter months with an array of coats or a swimsuit and short store for the sommer. Locate your styling and then buy a back-up! At Urban Planet it's not just about clothes.

Rucksacks, tarpaulin wraps, heavy -duty courier cases and slim, demanding carrier cases are available from the label as part of an energetic life style. Explore our range to find men's and women's choices of light colors, deep colors and subtle shades that match everything you wear. Everyone needs the essential things such as mobile pockets, chargers, earphones, corded earphones, cordless loudspeakers and classical objects such as lead pouches for work, schools and games.

City Planet provides affordability that fits your cool and workable outfit. Your tech and lifestyles are also great presents for your friend and relatives who are just as preoccupied as you are. Bring your own personal touch with the funny and practical Urban Planet products. Nonchalant clothes, sporty looks and more fancy apparel make this a must have for young grown-ups and pros as well.

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