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Charters announced the opening of a Spanish speaking call center in Texas.

It was announced at the White House Oval Office by President Donald J. Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Built to support both English and Spanish language call centers, the call centre will begin operations next month. Call centers will be available in both English and Spanish. After all, it will occupy 600 Americans and continue our dedication to creating 20,000 new workplaces in the US over the next four years.

Most of these new roles will directly service our clients as part of our effort to get all former Time Warner Cable call centre job back to the US. Anabel Chavez, Vice President of the new Spectrum Call Centre, visits our first Spanish-speaking office in McAllen, Texas. New McAllen Call Centre will service Spectrum TV?, Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Voice and Spectrum Voice and Spectrum Voice? customers.

Chavez, who was in McAllen and was brought up, said local people have learned about verbal propaganda through the new call centre and are enthusiastic about large paid positions with advantages such as health care, 401(k) and free and reduced Spectrum facilities. Our new call centre in McAllen, Texas, is located at the south end of our 41-state customer support office.

Charters services clients in 41 states and a large populace of Spanishspeaking clients. McAllen alone has almost 80 per cent of its inhabitants who speaks either Catalan or English. Now Spectrum has more than 75 Latin and Latin stations offering television coverage of current affairs, life sport, educational and entertaining programs. "We are pleased to be able to offer our clients the option of a Spanish-speaking support representative," said Chavez.

It' s a kind of prerogative to be able to process this first call," Chavez said. McAllen Call Centre is the start of an important capital expenditure on our US staff. At present, more than 90 per cent of our Spanish-speaking support call volumes are sourced out. "We are very pleased that Spectrum has chosen to return job offers from overseas," Chavez said.

Recruitment for new McAllen Call Centre roles is currently under way. To apply for a position, please go to this website to find out more about the vacancies at this call centre and other new Spectrum vacancies across the state. View the above movie to see the new McAllen, Texas Call Centre and click here to view this history in Spanish.

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