Airport Shuttle van

shuttle bus to the airport

Carpooling, door-to-door transfers in any direction between Manhattan and JFK airports, LaGuardia and Newark. The Share-Ride Van options are the right way. Carpool Van NYC Share We' ll be within walking distance of the passenger. From Manhattan to JFK, from LaGuardia to Newark Airport, GO Airlink NYC offers punctual, efficient and secure carpooling vans, door-to-door transfer in any destination, 24 hour a day, 7 nights a week. GO Airlink NYC offers a full range of services.

LETTIE: LET THEM DRIVE! Once you have arrived at the airport, we offer our customers support at the Ground Transportation Desk in every JFK, LaGuardia and Newark terminals.

There are also free courteous telephones in every luggage reclaim area. What does the Share-Ride Shuttle do? When you go to the airport: Drivers collect travellers to take them from their destination farthest from the airport to the nearest. Pickup times vary depending on the relation between your site and the number of other travelers and their sites.

When you are farthest from the airport, you will be met relatively early in your flying season and will need to travel to other places to collect joint travelers before arrival at the airport. You are guaranteed to get to the airport on schedule. When you depart from the airport:

Drivers collect passenger from the airport terminus. If you are at the first collection point, please note that you have a preferred seat in the car, but it may take some travelling to the other points to collect together before you leave the airport. Once all each passenger has been collected from his or her own airport terminus, the operator places the passenger in the order of the nearest and farthest destinations.

When your arrival is farthest from the airport, you must await other travelers to be drop off at their individual locations before you arrive at your terminus. Our aim is to offer outstanding services while getting our customers to their destinations as efficiently and promptly as possible.

Note that we cannot check airfares, delayed flights and other unexpected conditions that may affect your travelling hours. Shared riding is the best choice for those who want the cheapest way to get around and have no restrictions on travelling times. LETTIE: LET THEM DRIVE!

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