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Statutory audit supervisory authority in the United Kingdom, with similar status in Ireland. Do I need to graduate? Gaining a diploma gives you useful theory, but the credentials we test give you the hands-on abilities necessary for a rewarding job. AAT is a good place to start for business newcomers and can take you to a 4-star degree corresponding to one year of college study.

For the beginning of the study no qualification or experiences are necessary, but only good mathematical knowledge and excitement.

Finding an accountant| Finding an accountant

Are you looking for a chartered accountant? Contact one of the "general practitioners" of the auditing trade. It is our responsibility to protect the general interest by making sure that members adhere to the highest standard of behavior and expertise. Ranging from rules and guidelines for study at BCA to work in the regulatory areas of auditing, bankruptcy, investment and estate.

This is how you become an auditor

ACA qualifications are highly regarded by companies around the globe, with more than 3,300 companies currently providing ACA student education. ACA consists of four components that give the student a mix of financial literacy, accounting literacy and hands-on commercial practice. An inestimable insight into the reality of a professional audit background. 450 day of hands-on practice.

Fifteen examination modules* - cover a wide spectrum of subjects including: finance administration, legal, insurance and corporate strategies. Moral ethical and skeptical professionalism gives you the ability to work under constant observation and to be sure that you are making the right choices. Then you can finish the remainder of the NCA qualifier if you wish.

We asked them this year about their decision to qualify for this year' s competition, why they decided to do so and what advantages they promise for their careers. Acquiring accreditation lasts between three and five years and includes a number of core phases: One of the ways to finalize items in the CCA qualifier is through options:

We have c5000 ATE' which offer CCA trainings, among them accounting companies of all size, privately owned companies and government organizations. Whilst the vast majority will do so once they have a contract, it is also possible to sign up and start your studies at ACA before you have found an employment.

Individuals who have already acquired a skill in accounting, economics or finances may be eligible for exceptions from one or more of the above mentioned courses. In order to successfully obtain the COA qualifications, you must prove that: you have 450 working hours of ATEs, you have successfully taken 15 examination courses, you have developed professionally, and you have fostered your ethics and your skepticism.

In addition, your employers will assign a supervisor to help you through the role of your employee and you will get assistance from your peers.

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