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About printable receipt

Do I have a way to get my travel itinerary information? If you are a traveler, open your Traveler application and click on the itinerary and everything you need to know should be there. When you are a Drivers, open your Drivers application. Navigate to your Merit page. If you click on the last tariff you have in the menue, you will see an arrows pointing to the right.


If you click on this button, you will be on a page that shows your latest tariff information and should also have the last tariffs below it. At any time you can jump over these footsteps and go directly to uber.com and it will always take you to the Revenue page if you are a chauffeur, in which case you can find your journey again by ticket price and date... You will see the distribution of each single weekly.

If you have problems locating information in your application, simply register on the uber.com website and you'll see where it says the racer can log in or the passenger can log in and continue from there.

Did about account statement on line?

It shows what journeys you have made and how much you have made. When you want something like monetary billing, make sure you set up a company profile[1]. There you can e-mail us and we will e-mail you invoices for all the travel you have made in your company profiles on a week ly or monthy basis.

I have an internship with (Uber for Business) :). Über provides on-line account extracts. Wherever a passenger uses Uber, the application immediately launches your journey and displays your route. In addition, as soon as the journey is over, a receipt will appear in your applications. This can be seen by going to the menue and click on > your travels.

It shows a synopsis of all your travels to date, plus you will get an email on your recorded delivery ID with all the travel detail. As a rule, this email will be sent immediately or otherwise within twenty-four hour after your journey is completed. You can register as a chauffeur at http://uber.com and view your salary slips.

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