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Filter and sort results by airline, stops, airports, fare and flight times to find exactly the flight you want. Which is a full price Economy Airline ticket? You have seen these secret air tariffs - you know, economies of scale tariffs that can be up to 10x cheaper than the lowest one. The purchase of an air ticket can be a bewildering experience, made even more bewildering by the recent adoption of economies of scale by the three major old carriers. If you have ever tried to modify a ticket more than 24hrs after purchase (you knew you could do this for free within 24hrs from US websites, right?

), there are some big charges that can get in your way.

Up to $400 may be billed to you to modify an overseas ticket, not to speak of the fare differential for your new date of travel. However, if your schedules might be changing, it might be wise to consider flexibility in flight ticketing offered by all carriers (although they may have different names).

However, sometimes the only thing that goes with these cards is not to be flexible. Let us check whether a full-price ticket is an option for your next journey. Business travellers are the most important audiences for this type of expensive ticket, which comes with much greater versatility and allows date and hour changes without penalties.

Big corporations have often been negotiating agreements with carriers that offer them discounts on air traffic and more choice. Sometimes these businesses even arrange to buy only unlimited, complimentary seats under the rebate arrangement. Completely reimbursable fares also eliminate the need to take out air fare policies.

It may be necessary to get a pocket calculator to see if these rates are worthwhile; if you do your homework and pay from your own purse, you can usually get a better offer. Airline companies work with wafer-thin spreads, and their profits usually come only from a few travellers who pay these most costly rates (and that doesn't necessarily mean they're in first class).

When you think your schedules might be changing, sum up the costs of the low fares you purchased and any modification charges; sometimes you can just throw away your inexpensive ticket and buy a new one if it turns out to be cheaper. Sometimes the gap between the lowest ticket and the most versatile may not be so big, and it might be rewarding if you think you need to modify or reverse a ticket.

Besides greater versatility, these cards sometimes offer benefits such as a miles accumulation bonuses and even an incidental upgrades. Sometimes, when you buy a complimentary ticket in economies of scale, you can get a free upgraded to first-class. They are known in the business as Y-UP tariffs and are actually costly business seats that you can convert into a premium quality seating experience.

That means that if you need to modify your ticket, you may be put back into business (since that's the price you paid), but if you can get a Y-UP ticket, it can be a nice little suprise. There' no simple way to look for them, and they often appear as discount first rate fares when you look for fares.

Premium tariffs are available as well as economic passes in reimbursable and adaptable or non-refundable finish. Often these rates come with more mileage that counts for state. Old carriers such as American, Delta and United have introduced a new tariff category known as Basis Economics. This is the opposite of a budget-friendly ticket, as there are a number of limitations (no changes, no seating allocations, no upgrade and, in the case of United, hand baggage restrictions).

Quite the opposite, in order to get the same benefits you had before, you have to buy a higher price category unless you want to run the risk of getting caught in the centre one. Whilst the flex industry can be the tariff category you almost never hire, it is worth knowing what it is and when it can be useful.

Southwest Airlines, of course, still wins leaflets by not calculating ticket exchange charges at all, even at the lowest rates (you only get to buy the difference)!

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