Book your Flight Ticket Online

Booking your flight ticket online

Via online booking pages, travellers can compare prices and routes of different airlines and book them with just a few mouse clicks. In order to use the value of an unused ticket for a new reservation, use your e-ticket number. Check your booking details, change your flight, change your seat request, add services or change your travel dates.

How do I find my reservation reference/PNR? When I book online, how do I get my ticket? When I book online, how do I get my ticket? When you book online, you will get an e-ticket (also called "eticket") by e-mail to the e-mail adress you gave when making your reservation.

How do I book online and how do I use it? Which is an eTicket? Are there any restrictions on the amount of online bookings? What jurisdictions can I book online in? How long will the online reservation be available in my state? Where do I start my online reservation? Is it possible to verify availabilities and rates without actually buying a ticket?

If I am not traveling, can I book online with my own online payment method? Where do I know my ticket was posted and my payment made? We would like to receive your response to the poll.

Booking online

  • 3** for all departures within Greater France, within Europe or between Europe and North Africa or Israel, - 5** for all other departures, - free of charge for children up to 23 month of age or for departures in the La Première stateroom. In order to validate your purchases, please go to the "Review / Change your reservations" section to make your ticket payment before the "Time to Think" timeframe expires.

Don't change your original booking. Failure to validate your booking by buying your ticket will result in automatic cancellation at the end of the Timetable to Think timeframe. The length of the timeto-think periode depends on your travel location and the date of your booking. Rate per capita in Euro, plus the ticket rate.

When you book a flight online, do you have to make payment immediately or do you need to make payment on the date of your flight's arrival?

Any Self-Servicing Reservation page I know will immediately charge you for your flight and transfer directly to the carrier to book the ticket on non-refundable conditions unless otherwise noted (except for the first 24-hour period in the U.S. and other regulations on selected worldwide flights). However, some tour operators have different plans to pay for packages or groups, but even these usually involve a down and full pay before the effective date of your trip.

Thanks for your feed back! It'?s confidential, your personal information. When you book a flight online, you usually have to specify a method of paying at the end of the flight. As a rule by direct debiting or using a bank account number. The fees for your ticket will be charged immediately before the validation of your flight ticket.

Thanks for your feed back! It'?s confidential, your personal information. When booking the flight, you must enter a current plastic number and your ticket will be debited immediately. It will be displayed on your next debit invoice. Thanks for your feed back! It'?s confidential, your personal information.

Online-flight reservations are always calculated at the moment of reservation. A small additional charge will usually be made in the UK if you use a major bank account instead of a direct debit account. The majority of airline companies do not allow a reservation until you have completed the checkout process.

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