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It'?s the cost of riding: The Austin City Council Votes on Taxi Fares Thursday

On Thursday 28 June, the City Council will be voting on a regulation that, if adopted, would alter the way taxi fares work. It is a shift that the transport division or ATD hopes to see become a real thing to give taxi operators a "competitive edge" over ridesharing firms like Uber and Lyft.

That would allow taxi operators to fix tariffs in line with the prevailing conditions on the relevant markets. Some taxi operators, such as the Austin Cab Company, however, say that they would rather leave it as it is, with the city's fixed rates. "Yellow Cab says they are worried that a change in tariffs would confuse consumers and "reduce the driver's capacity to earn a viable salary.

" Saying that they "recommend that[ATD] split the tariff question and adopt the remainder of the regulations proposed", they ask the advice to take more spare moment to look at the tariffs. Yellow Cab said in a statement: "We don't know of any other city that puts the pricing pathway in the hands of business.

" But during the working Tuesday morning Kathie Tovo asked ATD if they knew of other towns that had done so and ATD said Atlanta had been doing so for several years. Not only are the taxi fares that will be debated at the city Council on Thursday meet in a memo from ATD, there have also been other changes to the city' s codes that are included:

Enable taxi operators to grow or shrink the number of taxi cab fleets every quarter depending on your needs. Permit taxi cars to drive with a basic state service certification, which eliminates the need for extra third-party service inspections. Permit taxis to use either conventional or virtually counted counters. Let taxis drive without special colour scheme or skylights (trade presentation, labels and logo are still required).

Let taxi operators set up call centres outside the city according to your needs. Let fully electrified taxi cars drive with a discounted approval charge. Incentives for taxi operators to run a more than 6.5 per cent majority owned taxi squad by enabling them to run taxis with a lower authorisation charge and taxis without an authorisation charge if an average of 5 per cent or more per annum is reached.

City will also make some changes to the way in which traffic on the road like limos. The ATD says that this is Phase II of the land transport reforms, in the hope of rationalising the operation of land transport, involving the "elimination of redundant coding language" and changes to inspections standard, driving certificates and recruitment of masters.

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