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Use of this website without deactivating cookies indicates that you agree to our use of cookies. The Bombardier Learjet is a privately held company based in Des Plaines, IL. Twenty-three Learjets When he launched the Learjet at 61, Bill Lear was not an aerospace engineer: he was an innovator and businessman who had developed the 8-track audio system, a multitude of radio sets and the first ever autojets. During the early 1960' Lear saw the need for a small scale export transportation and established the SAAC (Swiss American Aviation Corporation) to manufacture the Learjet 23.

Learjet 23 was modelled after the FFA P-16, a Swiss combat aircraft built by Hans-Luzius Studer. The Learjet 23 started in February 1962 in Wichita, Kanas, and its maiden voyage took place on October 7, 1963. Learjet 23 revolutionised the commercial aviation industry and opened up a new niche for small, rapid and effective aircraft transportation.

The Spectra Jet starts the next stage of development - done!

The Spectra Jet starts the next development step - done! Spectra Jet, an Ohio-based Part 145 workshop, has begun the second construction step at Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport. Specializing in the maintenance of Bombardier Learjets and Challengers, the firm concluded its first period in 2007 with a 24,000 square meter hanging ar and offices area.

Bombard Learjet 40

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Lear jet 60

Learjet 60 is a good option for off-road and long-haul charter, although the 60 is also suitable for short-haul and medium-haul travel. Learjet 60's luxurious features include the newly designed cabin, roomy toilet and stereo system for a quiet, tranquil ride. Learjet 60 is considering a medium-sized aircraft with up to eight seats.

Internal measurements are 5.8H x 5.9W x 17.7L (in feet).

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