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The Bbj Jet

Hire a private Boeing BBJ jet for fast and comfortable air travel. BBJ sold more than a hundred aircraft in just four years of production, and orders continue to come in. Two Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) are available. The BBJ offers more personal space, unsurpassed reliability and worldwide support. Disclaimer of liability: I'm not a jet owner or a pilot.

I'm just an enthusiast.

BBJ Boeing Jet for hire

Boeing BBJ is the first of a range of privately owned aircraft and is setting the benchmark for top performance. What is decisive for most privately owned aircraft is how comfortably they drive. Boeing BBJ has a giant 11 foot inside space with enough height for you to move around the entire cab.

Benefit from a luxury interiors that offers high quality material and progressive technologies for more security and better individual enjoyment. You' ll be loving every single plane you take on a Boeing BBJ Privatjet.

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Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. aircraft for charter." It' not getting any better, it's the most luxury personal jet in the game. Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. aircraft is manufactured in a home away from home. Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. Aircraft is an aircraft that has been cored and converted into a luxury home and business jet.

Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. aircraft has an estimated $12,000 perhour rate. Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. aircraft is the ultimate in V.I.P. charters and we can arrange the journey for you. Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. aircraft, for charters, is the best way to travel, there is nothing comparable in the whole wide range.

Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. planes just call us and we can take care of everything. Luggage compartment: 640 cu. ct. The Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. Aircraft (BBJ) is the elite of the elite, and this is really for a special occasion. It is the embodiment of everything that is wanted in a private plane for those who can affordable it.

"The Boeing Aircraft V.I.P. Aircraft (BBJ) is devoted to the task of introducing the best of privately owned jet aviation to the field of privately owned aviation. That plane is a luxurious house in the skies. The Boeing Commercial Jet offer a broad selection of Boeing jets that can be adapted for your journey in the personal, commercial or public sector.

Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. Aircraft (BBJ) has a spacious cabin with lounge areas, unmistakable meeting areas, a large toilet with showers and convenient beds. "The Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. Aircraft (BBJ) Chcarter for our regular clientele includes individuals who value portability, both for their aircraft and for themselves.

Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. Aircraft customers don't want to be immobilised while traveling, but rather want to feel like they' re traveling on the floor, with easy entry to an open plan offices, bedrooms, showers, diners, entertainments and more. "The Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. Aircraft (BBJ) Charter Flights has a large lounge, a main room, a second bedroom/meeting room, three toilets and a large kitchen.

"The Boeing Business Jet" also has more than 500 cbm of luggage room and of course a nice gallery. "The " Boeing Business Jet Cabin " "BOEING BUSINESS JET, (BBJ)" kitchen default, if selected, is supplied with micro-wave, baking ovens, refrigerators and freezers, sinks with warm and chilled waters, grocery stores and landfill compactors.

Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. aircraft amusement equipment generally includes two DVDs, two VCRSs, three multi-disc CD player and TVs. To put it another way, the design of the BBJ. The Boeing Business Jet offers travellers full comfort and convenience of an executive suite, master suite, bathroom, shower, dinning room, amusement area and more.

Boeing Business Jet is big and the BBJ2 cab really is, it can accommodate sixty people in a high-density setup. "The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) V.I.P. The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) V.I.P. Aircraft represents the result of a Boeing and General Electric partnership for the production of a high-performance jet. "business jet boeing, (bbj)", surprising clients and producers with more sales than ever before anticipated.

Launched in 2001, the "Boeing Business Jet" (BBJ), the ultra-long-haul "BBJ2", has 25 per cent more cabin capacity and twice the luggage area. This widebody plane can transport 15-50 passenger in passenger cabin and can be equipped with office, lounge, meeting rooms and bedroom. "Inside BBJ V.I.P." Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. is a member of the 737 admired series.

"Business jet Boeing, charter privat jet! "Airliners " "Turbo Props" "Multipiston Aircraft" "BOEING BUSINESS JET (BBJ)" "Heavy Jets" "Long Range Jets" "V. I.P. Airliners" "Light Jets" "Very Small Jets" "Super-Light Jets" "Medium Jets" "Super-Medium-Class Jets" "Turbo Props" "Light Jets" "Light Jets" "BOEING BUSINESS JET (BBJ): Charter a Privatjet! "The Boeing Business Jet V.I.P. Aircraft (BBJ), a commercial aircraft based Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), is devoted to making the most of aviation for "private travellers".

"The Boeing V.I.P. Jet V.I.P. provides its clients with the opportunity to adapt a broad spectrum of its planes for personal, commercial or government use. "The BoeingBusinessJet" supplies "BBJs" to its clients in "green" configuration. "The Boeing Jet V.I.P. Airport (BBJ) monitors all aspects of this handling procedure from first draft to construction, manufacturing, installing, inspecting and inspecting.

Boeing's Business Jet (sometimes known as BBJ1 ) is built on the 737-700 and provided the foundation for the 737-700ER. Boeing Business Jet is a member of the 737 series. Excellent cruising distance and speed as well as an ultra roomy and flexible cab make the BBJ the most prestige aircraft on the charters world.

"The BBJ is also used for BBJ private jet cabin services for large government official transfer of VIPs. This plane is like a luxurious flat in the skies. The BBJ versions range from the entire Boeing range to planes such as the legendary 747 and the latest Boeing 787 Dreamliner, all in V.I.P. configuration.

"The four subjects usually comprise a meeting room, a living room, a V.I.P. room, a V.I. room, a shop window and two toilets with shower facilities. "As early as 1996, when Boeing launched the first "private use" variant of one of its commercially available aircraft, the $30 million Boeing Company Jet (a 737 reconfigured) was considered the last thing in the world for space and luxuriousness.

Based on the model of the Boeing 737, the BBJ is almost three sizes bigger than even the biggest long-haul company jet. According to your needs, you can explore a lovely en-suite main room at the front of the plane, with additional sitting and eating areas and either V.I.P. or B.C. seats.

Boeing Business Jet (the VIP 737-700 version), or BBJ for short, is one of the largest privately owned aircraft you can rent. "Or you can find the cabin of your choice as well as a spacious open -plan meeting room and a wide range of seats.

"V "V.I.P. The Boeing Commercial Jet ! "Jet Charter: BOEING BIZINESS JET (BBJ)" It is used as a President Jet in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nigeria and other countries. "You won't be amazed to know that we like BBjs at our BBJ Jet Charter; they are great planes for partying or doing corporate work!

Whatever your choice of configurations, the BBJ offers unsurpassed levels of convenience, almost tripling the size of other executives' aircraft, with most 18-person packages providing separated sitting and lounging areas, main bedrooms, second bedrooms and two full baths complete with showers. "The BBJ Jet Flight" option can be tailored to fit the needs of your business and our BBJ specialists can ensure the best BBJ for you!

The BBJ's above-average cruising distance makes it the ideal jet for cruising internationally. More than 6,000 sea miles - without refuelling - from New York to London, from Denver to Tokyo or from LA to Frankfurt. "And during your journey the long journeys the BBJ offers, you can get tired in smaller jetliners, the full toilets and cosy sleeping rooms make sure that you not only reach your destinations fully laid back and relaxing, but are also cleaned and fresh - and prepared to touch the floor.

The Boeing Business Jet flights are the ultimate luxury. Boeing Business Jet charter does not get any better. "The Boeing Business Jet" produced more than a hundred aircraft in just four years, and orders are still coming in. There is no other jet that provides so much room and so much dependability in the cab.

"The next 737-800 is the Boeing 737-800 commercial jet," the 19-year-old Boeing 2. However, we can still make longer trips anywhere in the globe, with gentle engineering stoppages. The Boeing Group provides ultra-long aircraft with long reach and a wide cruising distance, which re-define space and convenience for their personal shareholders, prime ministers and charterers.

"The Boeing Outside Jet " Boeing will deliver its "green" Boeing Jet Businesses to an outfitting centre chosen by the client for interiors and exteriors. "Some parts of the airplane can be equipped with a tighter seat layout so that large missions can be transported. There is a partner firm and they also do privatjet charters and are reachable under:

Well, we can run your helicopter charter. When you need a charter helicopter flight, please contact us: "Call us for personal jet charter offers!"

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