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Charter flight is an unscheduled flight that is not part of a regular flight route. On a charter flight, you rent the entire aircraft and can specify departure/arrival points and times. Charter flights can be of different types. Find the best prices for private jet charter and jet rental in minutes.

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Discover topics such as privateecharter services vs. schedule airlines services and charting questions. Where is the distinction between privately owned planes and regular services? Firstly, there are two main distinctions between privately chartered air services and regular air services: costs and flexible air services. With our services to large and general airfields, you have more than ten fold as many national routes as regular air traffic.

Would it be cheaper to rent a plane if I travel with a group of 10 or 15 people? It is unlikely that a group of 10-15 people would find it cheaper to rent a plane than to fly on a regular bus or first-class flight, as the price of a plane is not calculated per passenger or per fare.

Although the overall costs for a charters journey are divided between 10 persons, the costs each would bear would still be substantial. How much is permitted on a flight? Do you allow the use of club gear on privately owned aircraft? Just like regular air services, privately owned aircraft also have restrictions on the amount of baggage that can be stored during a journey.

Objects such as skiers and shots are permitted as long as they comply with the size and weights of the aeroplane. Those weights differ depending on the airplane model. If you have doubts about your surplus checked bags or extra checked bags, ask your charters agent.

Is it permitted to have kids & animals in privat jet? We do not have limitations on the ages of persons travelling in privately owned jetliners. Simply let us know if you are travelling with a baby, and we will make sure that the plane you choose for your journey meets the needs of your ancestors. Animals are permitted on some planes.

Let your charters agent know if you will be travelling with a domestic animal so that we can meet your enquiry. Kindly be aware that you may not be permitted to take off your animal, especially on board your flight internationally. A personal charters agent will help you plan all aspects of your itinerary.

With a large and varied range of fleets of light, medium and heavier jetliners, which can carry up to 18 people, as well as a wide range of passenger services, it is possible to offer a wide range of services. We also join a certified operator ecosystem that enables us to increase our available aerospace capabilities by providing our clients with an even greater choice of planes as needed. In order to guarantee the highest level of security for our clients, all aircrafts powered by our company are IS-BAO registered, ARGUS Platinum assessed, Wyvern certified and equipped with a rugged Security Management System (SMS) and a complete Emergency Response Plan (ERP).

Every charters are followed by FAA-licensed dispatcher in our 24/7 Operation Control Center. What does it take to hire a plane? Scheduled fares range from approximately US$1,200 to US$8,500 per flying hour, based on the class of airplane you use. Have a look at our comparison costs to get a breakdown of our rate per hours by airplane types.

This does not cover the idle and re-positioning expenses that may be incurred on certain journeys, nor the expenses for propellant, tax, landing charge and other dues.

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