Private Hire Driver Licence

Rental private driving licence

Driver's licenses for taxi and private rental cars: Out of London Your municipality will require you to obtain a driver's license for a cab or private rental car (PHV). In order to be eligible, you must: Also, you must be a "suitable and right person" - this means that your backgrounds and characters will be verified. Her advice can conduct an extended police record through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Consult your advisor about what the local needs are, include the charges they levy and how you can submit an application. Contact us for advice on how to extend your license.

Rental private driving licence

When you want to request a private rental driver's license, you should fill out the Private Rental Guide Request Forms ( PDF/381KB/22 pages). There is a new driver request sheet that contains a health care survey that must be filled in by your general practitioner/ surgeon. They should also complete the Intelligent Information System (IDS) License Verification Request (PDF/94KB/1 page).

Together with the driver request, you must complete and return a Disclosure and Blocking Services (DBS) registration request available from the Registration Division or South Lakeland House in Kendal. In case you already have an Enhanced DBS certification, it must be date within three month of receipt of your request.

Driver evaluation must also be carried out by the driver. LTS can either be called on 01524 858326 or a private recruitment test can be booked on-line. the applicant for a licence: If you have successfully completed the test, you must present your passing grade together with your request. Licensees: If you have successfully completed the test, you must send the passport to our licensing team by e-mail or mail.

If you are a new driver, you need to make an appointement to be seen by a registration official. Dates are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9am and 12pm. To make an appointement, please get in touch with the license group. Please be sure to include your filled out form, a recent photograph, your driver's license, all other pertinent originals and the corresponding fees when you attend the interview:

Approximately three month before the date of extension, current owners of a private commercial driving licence will be provided with the corresponding applications form.

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