Round the World Ticket Routes

Around the world ticket routes

Travel the world with The Bobby Dazzler multi-stop route! Multi-stop routes and circumnavigation of the globe ticketing Those qualifying for our payment processing software. Contact a tour operator for more information. You want to get the most out of your journey and not just go alone? We' ve put together a sample of our itineraries below or discuss the best things to do on your multi-city experience with our tour team.

From Buenos Aires, the Argentine metropolis' largest metropolis, this journey will take you on the classical northern tour to the legendary Brasilian town of Rio de Janeiro! One of the most stunning attractions in Latin America, this action-packed vacation experience is a Southern Ocean journey. A 15-day experience that will ensure that you can fully enjoy the wonders of India.

In the best of the North and South Islands, this journey joins forces to create an affordably priced, action-packed 21-day travel route that travels fast without ever appearing hasty. It'?s Fiji Hour or no Hour.

Planning the ultimate round-the-world experience

On Friday last year I spend the whole afternoon occupying the writing table at the Geneva Bars at The Telegraph Travels Show in London. I' ve added another thing to the mix: If you want to go around the world, in which way do you want to go? RTW fares are mostly eastbound, via Asia.

After an 11-hour long plane ride, you reach Bangkok and your inner watch returns seven hour behind your home base in Bangkok. They have less leeway to adapt to new timezones and play catch-up. However, go the other way by making a stop first in North or South America and then across the Pacific, and you have a little more hands on it.

Since your watch is ahead of the new timezone, you may go to sleep early, but every morning you will awake before the match. What does that mean for a journey of six week or more? So the only way to determine your best option is not to go directly to a particular carrier, but to speak to a dedicated travel agents who has an up-to-date view of all your tariffs and available choices - even possible upgrade and offer in Premier and Businessclass - and may have proposals for routes and stops you haven't thought about yet.

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