A Vahana is the essence, typically an animal or mythical entity, of a particular Hindu deity to be used as a vehicle. The Vahana project intends to open the urban airways by developing the first certified electric self-controlled vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL). Vahana's first flight a success - Vahana This is a historical date for Airbus, A and the Vahana people. Now we can announce our successfull maiden voyage. In Pendleton, Oregon, at 8:52 a.

m. on 31 January 2018, our Alpha One widebody plane climbed to a 5 metre altitude before sinking securely. The first 53-second long trip was completely self-flying, and the car made a second trip the following one.

Present were the entire Vahana staff, FAA and A³ leaders who all came together to experience this historical achievement. For a long time, our objective has been to develop and construct an electrical VTOL self-steering airplane for a lone traveller that meets the increasing demand for urbane transport. It is our objective to democratise the individual journey by using the latest technology such as electrical drive, power management and industrial machinery visions.

The first of our services marks a major landmark for Vahana and the city' s overall aviation world. Following two years of design and construction, we are delighted that our endeavours have resulted in a fruitful journey. Thanks to the stamina and commitment of our bright employees and the Pendleton UAS Range and MTSI - as as well as our expanded Airbus range, we can party today.

Bringing Vahana to this point, and at this rate, has proved our resourcefulness and determination. Once this test has been successfully completed, the Vahana crew will proceed with further design and test the transitions and forward flights. Now we have also found a new engine supplier, MASICALL.

This Californian firm develops and produces customized, state-of-the-art equipment (motors, alternators, inductances, power converters, etc.) with outstanding performances and fast, cost-effective lead times. Soon we will use the engines soon and give further information and insights. For the Vahana test aeroplane operated on 31 January 2018, the specification is as follows:

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