Online Taxi Service

Taxi service online

You can use it to request a taxi and take you where you want to go! A token that issues exactly like taxi cash; a prepaid credit card via our online booking system; corporate accounts allow you to bill all your trips. LA taxi reservation online, now!

Booking the California Yellow Cab Service online now. The British taxi and taxi network.

Taxi online order

With 64% of the US populace owning smart phones, the need for application software for the service sector is greater than ever. Now, with the help of global positioning systems (GPS) and wireless technologies, our clients can order a taxi online, see how the taxi is arriving in person, and evaluate their experiences from their wireless device.

Responsible service. Respecting your private sphere, we have designed our application to work without having your plastic in your files, so you can make your payment in your own way, not ours, with either money or a pad.

Prepaid Taxi Service | Transportation Plus

The T-Plus gives you full power over your journey with a range of prepaid choices that make reaching your destination simpler and more comfortable than ever. You can avoid the expense of handling your payment in advance with your travel arrangements, such as using your bank account, your bank account or your bankroll. In order to obtain a full 24 hr reimbursement, prepaid debit purchases must be cancelled at least 1hr before the desired pick-up period.


Do you know that you can make a fast and easy reservation with our TAXI 4x35 application? There are 3 ways to get a taxi: Please note that the pre-booking of a taxi is no warranty for a taxi. It is not always possible to 100% ensure that the taxi arrives exactly when you want it.

Reserve and rent a taxi with our apartment. Taxi is FREE and available in iPhones and Android. Reserve and make your transfers online here and save on cards and money in the taxi. You can use our clever taxi reservation widget on the right to order and purchase a taxi to Copenhagen International Airports (not available mobile).

Find out more about our taxi service. Booking a mini bus for 5-8 persons. - book a taxi with a uni dressed chauffeur! Additional service & amusement during the taxi journey. Hire a taxi for you, your clients and your staff. It is a simple, user-friendly and FREE system that greatly simplifies the management of taxi reservations.

Perhaps the most digitally owned taxi enterprise in Denmark! Professionally taxis for 3,000 corporate customers!

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