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The CTI has developed solutions for the training of employees for training programmes of companies and authorities. Homepage - Page Ever since opening our gates in 2003, we have been helping tens of millions of pilots make their air travel fantasies come true. The choice of a flight training centre is an important one. MidSouth's only authorised Cessna Pilots Center, we work hard to provide you, the students, with a training that our rivals can only imagine.

It is important to ask where and how the aircraft you will fly will be serviced. Good flight training includes petrol and insure. As soon as you have the answer to these and other related question, you will be willing to ask yourself: Am I willing to begin the adventures of your life?

An excellent selection of FCIs - Our flight instruction staff come from a variety of aerospace fields and have a wealth of industry expertise. Every single single-day we strive to create a secure, professionally conducted training setting from the first flight of exploration to the verification of the license. A large number of 12 planes - all at the disposal of our student's disposal.

You can choose from a large range of planes, from the lightweight and affordably priced CE-150 to the twin PA-30 Twin Comanche. Fees - When selecting a flight training centre, this is the most important issue our clients ask us. The low level of propellant and indirect charges allow us to hire our planes at a reasonable economic rate.

Our prices for our planes are low, unlike many of the prices quoted by other flight training centres. Those colleges will promote "dry" prices and bill either renting a helmet or overcharging instructors. Servicecenter - Some colleges are obliged to take the plane to remote Servicecenter in order to maintain it for easy use.

The Millington Pilots are preparing for increased demands

At Millington Memphis Airport, Al Mullen's Field of Dreams is a rebuilt hangar where his flight school plays its part in avoiding the threat of a lack of professional aircraft. They didn't come for a while," said Mullen, a FedEx retirement driver, former Navy Top Gun trainer and co-founder of Crew Training International (CTI).

CTI' s three-year entry into piloting training did not proceed as quickly as anticipated, but Mullen, 64, is still watching the price: a forecast shortfall of well over 15,000 drivers of merchant airlines over the next ten years. CTI, which is located in the south-east of Memphis, focuses on training 47 different types of airmen.

In 1992, Mullen and FedEx fellow Steve Harden began the KTI as a part-time job for their work as drivers on the domestic expressline. KTI specialises in the managment of crewing resources or the training of personnel factor and thus helps to improve the pilots' decision-making competence. At Harden, CTI went to head a LifeWings air training facility, which became an independent business.

When the CTI sound trusted, one of the reasons could be the patronage of the CTI 3-D Giant Theatre at the Memphis Pink Palace Museum since 2009. By 2014, CTI purchased Fort Lauderdale-based Professional Flight Training, a long established Florida corporation, and opened a Millington spacecraft on the former Memphis Naval Air Station apron.

The Mullen team felt that the need for training would increase as a result of sector problems such as massive withdrawals of older aircraft, fewer US soldiers going into business flight compartments and higher training demands for US aircraft drivers. In all honesty, that really didn't happen," Mullen said. They will retire 1,000 drivers per year, and there is no backfilling for that," Mullen said.

Millington Airport Authority received a government subsidy for the conversion of a former service hanger to accommodate the CTI Professional Flight Training Academy. Typically, a prospective pilot's careers consist of advancing through training, becoming a trainer, and accumulating enough flying time to reach a 1,500-hour flight certification hurdle required by U.S. carriers.

"Mullen's kid Kyle Mullen, 30, who heads the college, said, "You can do whatever it takes here to get recruited by a local carrier. Kyle Mullen said many know Hangar N-7 as the place where Memphis B-17 from World War II was renovated after it was moved from Mud Island.

Offers petrol, a pilots room and other amenities. Kyle Mullen said attendees have involved the Blue Angels during the Memphis Airshow, NASA astronauts on flight training races and performer Gary Sinise, Lt Dan of "Forrest Gump", who flown in to construct a home for a handicapped veteran. 3. Among the most important determinants of the CTI and other flight schools' expansion is the presence of instructor resources.

From Sydney, Australia, Tracy Lawford relocated to Fort Lauderdale to realize her vision of becoming aviator. Lawford, 37, approaches 300 flying lessons and strives to obtain her flight teacher cards to act as an instruction for her. She' s indecisive as to whether she wants to continue as a professional pilots.

Virginal Australia and Qantas offer an incentive for flyers in their home countries.

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