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Booking flights with Ghana International. Find the cheapest Emirates Airlines booking! Several airlines offer online check-in.

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Online check-in is available between 24 and 90 on Emirates Airlines services. Approval for Economy Classic is a 30 kg max. load only. For North America and Canada, two bags with a 23 kg max restriction each are permitted.

Travelling between South America is permitted with two bags with a 32 kg max baggage each. Type approval is a 50 kg max. load capacity. North America, South America and Canada are permitted with two bags and a 32 kg max restriction on each.

Entering your car in our buisness category is subject to a 40 kg max. limitation. North America, South America and Canada are permitted with two bags and a 32 kg max restriction on each. Small children are given a free checked luggage allowance of up to 10 kg. Every Economy Traveler is entitled to take one item with them - on checked bags with a 7 kg max. load limitation.

Every First or Business passengers is permitted two hand bags, one of which is a file bag with a 7 kg max bag load each.

In order to make a good flight booking, you should be able to make use of your flexibility in terms of your travelling data and time.

In order to make a good deal on your ticket, you should be able to make the most of your available information. Normally, but certainly not always, fares will become progressively more costly as the date of the trip approach. Please try to schedule and make your reservation about 2 month before your date of departure. Try to stay away from holiday departures, the beginning and end of vacations and major functions.

Try to get to the airports 2-3 hrs before the plane to get checked in. A number of airline companies offer online check-in. So, if you want to get rid of the queues, choose the places first or even get some free bikes, "CHECK-IN EARLY". Please go to our airline page to see all international departures and departures, or go to our airports pages to get information about departures from a particular one.

Also, do not travel alone in Lagos because it has a horrible record of committing crimes of violence. Be careful even at nights on the Lagos motorways, even if having a locally based chauffeur at gunpoint is a biggie. At Lagos, if you don't have someone you know will meet you at the terminal, ask your nearest resort to provide an escort for you.

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