How to get Taxi Licence

Where can I get a taxi license?

Filing a driver history report. Pass a driving test. To drive a taxi, you must first obtain a passenger certificate on your driving licence. Find out how to get on the Vehicles for Hire Taxi Licence Lottery. A request is usually processed on the same day it is received, but can take up to a week for a licence to be issued.

Obtain a driver's licence to operate a taxi, taxi or livemobile (class E).

In case you do not have a driving licence, you will find out how to obtain your first driving licence. Instead of a driving licence for category A, you should obtain a category B driving licence. Grade 1 licence and Grade 2 e-licence both entail the same visual, writing and driving examinations. New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (T&LC) provides taxi and rental services in New York City.

When you are planning to take a taxi or a car in New York City, please consult the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

To obtain a TLC license in NYC | Requirements

You need a TLC licence to collect passengers, but we have made the registration procedure faster and simpler than ever. Registering on-line only lasts a moment. Finish your use, plan your test and your exam and take the necessary class. We are here to help you get a TLC licence, buy a vehicle and take to the streets.

We also provide the necessary courses and service free of charge in our Greenlight Hubs. Please fill out the TLC on-line licensing form. Update your driver's licence to category E or CDL and obtain a certificate summary if your driver's licence comes from outside. TLC demands that candidates take a 24-hour rental vehicle course with an examination at the end.

Candidates must take a test at a site accredited by the TLC. TLC demands that all candidates have a fingerprint.

And who needs a licence?

And who needs a licence? Every single person or company that carries persons in a rental car for a charge, such as a taxi, cabin and any other car used for the carriage of persons against a charge, unless specified below. There' no need for a rental if you:: Failure to meet the following naming criteria will result in a delayed completion of your application:

It must contain both a name of the economic unit and a DTA name in the transaction form, the motor registration documents and the third party indemnity policy form. Please note: We grant this licence, but it is handled by the Department of Revenue's BLS (Business Licensing Service). The BLS will print it on the commercial licence provided by you.

You shall designate licences granted by us as confirmation of the commercial licence. Send the filled out form and receipts with a cheque/money order to the tax office for the BLS charges and the charges for rental permit, registration document and taximeter: Third party indemnity certification - proof must be provided:

Once we have recieved all the necessary documentation, we will ship your driving licence and car registration papers to the specified adress within 14 workingdays. Please enter an e-mail adress and ask us to e-mail your driver's licence and car number.

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