Citycab Hotline

The Citycab Hotline

CityCab - SMRT Taxis - Taxis in Singapore. Please visit Comfort / CityCab for full fares and fees. taxidermis Every cab in Singapore is air-conditioned and equipped with electric counters. All Singapore taxes can accommodate up to 4 persons unless otherwise specified. Cabin passenger must always fasten safety straps in accordance with Singapore legislation.

The majority of Singapore cab operators use diesels, while more and more Singapore cab operators are switching to CNG to save more in recent years.

Mo-Fr 6.00 to 9.30 o'clock and Mo-Su & holidays 18.00 o'clock - midnight: Monday-Sunday and holidays 17.00 o'clock - midnight: Please refer to the following Web sites for a complete set of guidelines on tariffs, supplements, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates and reservation fees:

Download [PDVL] / [TDVL] Licenses Applications | Courses

Any driver wishing to offer a chauffeur service in Singapore is obliged to obtain a Privatecar Driver's Vocational Licence (PDVL). Privately owned rental vehicles used to supply chauffeur service must be duly recorded with the LTA and the driver must place their Parking Drivers' List (PDVL) and a tamper-evident label in a prominent location.

Following trial: Application $10.00 + GST and per piece of $5.00 + GST. Following trial: Application $10.00 + GST and per piece of $5.00 + GST. Documentation necessary for registration:

Full travel guide for Singapore taxis with marked tariffs and rates

Carpool and car rental operators come and go with trumpets, but taxi cabs are still a strong part of Singapore's transportation system. Throughout the years, there have been a staggering number of new tariffs, bonuses, hourly peaks and billing rates that most of us just climb into the cabin and walk up to the top and charge the amount the counter says without a doubt.

Please see Comfort / CityCab for full fares and surcharges. See SMRT Taxi for full rates and charges. Full price and charges, please see Trans-Cab. Please see Premier Taxi for full rates and charges. See Prime Taxi for full rates and surcharges. See HDT Taxi for full rates and charges. Singapore's ability to transform itself into a so-called "car lite" economy will depend on the wide accessibility and affordable cost of taxi and other means of transport.

On the way, new approaches and technology may evolve, but you can be sure that cabs will continue to be an important part of the ecosystem of urban transportation. Join like-minded people from Singapore in the SG Facebook Group Organic Facebook Discussion to discuss a variety of issues related to your finances.

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