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Discount flights to Réunion Island Reunion Island, a tropic Indian Ocean haven, is a France retreat with Palms, solar sky and vulcanic scenery. Reunion is a great place for those who want to flee, with more than 840,000 inhabitants. Discount flights to Reunion Island are now available for a restricted amount of times, so get your bathing suit and your pair of glasses on!

From Johannesburg to Réunion Iceland the trip takes about 3h50. Sunbathing on the breathtaking sandy shores and tropic seaside holidays. In the interior, the islands offer a variety of adrenaline-charged outdoor pursuits such as para-gliding, rappelling, parachuting and more. Hot baked goods from France, savoury Africa's delicious journey of journey, savoury curry from India and tangy sweets from Asia, Réunion Iceland is a place for enjoying delicious meals from all over the world.

You are lucky if you like to swim in hot sea water, because the water around Reunion seldom drops below 23°C. You may have to keep your swim and sunbathe until mid-March, however, as the islands get lots of rains from December to March and occasionally experience the cyclone.

The best travel season is between April and September, with June being the quietest. Réunion Iceland is a breathtaking vacation spot and offers something to everyone to savour. There are more than 1000 km of walking paths on the islands, so whether you're walking to the Piton de Fournaise or elsewhere, you'll have lots of opportunities with valley, rocks and even breathtaking falls.

The Cascade Blanche, an 800 metre high cascade in all its splendour, is just one of more than 100 cascade on the Isle. For those who want to work on their sun bathing and get these postcards pictures of the beaches, come and see the sand banks of Saint-Giles. Réunion's gastronomy is extraordinary, as the islands are home to a great variety of cultural and religious traditions.

No matter what you imagine, you will surely find some gastronomic works with influence from France, China, Africa and India. For South Africans wishing to travel to Réunion, a visa-free stay of less than 90 nights is required. In order to reach this travel goal, you need only your pass, which is 6 month starting from date of travel validity.

Reunion is a very secure place, but like most favourite tourist destinations, minor crimes can be a concern. In order to protect yourself and your property, make it a practice to leave your valuable items in the bank vault, do not go around with large quantities of money and refrain from running around alone after dusk.

They should also ONLY go for a dip in a separate bathing area, as there are many animals that are kept in check by safety netting. Have you already made your reservation? Journeystart would like to offer you the best flights.

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