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The 20 main targets for low cost flights with several cities[infographic]. Your goal is to see as much of the worid as possible? There is a whole new way to discover the universe for those of us who like a trip hack that saves us cash and brings some momentum to our travelling experience. The only thing you need to do is make a set of simple flights to various locations to achieve your last destination.

We' re doing everything we can to find flights from different carriers to bring you to your destinations more cheaply, but with an additional blast for your money! It'?s your yolk, the whole earth! You' re not sure where to stop on your next plane? What about our 20 best episodes of our journey?

Those towns are among our top 20, not only because they are fantastic, full of cultural and entertaining things, but also because they have been picked by our people as the best places to stop on their way around the globe. From the most beloved we have picked those that offer the lowest cost flights.

Attempt to add these stops to your next journey, you may be able to travel to a new city for free and cut your airfare! Traveling between the USA and Europe? Enjoy an afternoons walking through Christiania, Copenhagen's own anarchist society, or rent a bicycle to slide from the museums to the galleries and concerts.

The city of Copenhagen is the gem in the already sparkling Scandinavian crowns and a gem not to be missing at any stop! Is there a better way to make a stop? Fly between Australia and Europe? There is the whole globe in this minuscule city - make room in your full diary. No matter whether you want to go shopping or discover the surrounding hills and coastline - there is something for everyone at a short stop after HK.

At Beijing it's all about the meal - the Chinese are possessed by the gear, and you should be if you're spending a days or two here on the road to Europe or Australia. It is a city that surprises again and again, no mater how often you come back.

It' s boot is meant for a walk in the KL, because this city is best explored on feet. Catch yourself in the exasperating congestion, feeling miniscule next to the bursting skyscrapers, and tingling your nose holes through lanes of blowing road meals before getting back on a jet to the other side of the globe.

A stopover between Europe and Asia? √Ěstanbul is the ultimative off-beat goal - the meeting of two continents in a magnificent city means a merging of culture and eating, culture and culture, architectural and religious. Wander past the city ramparts and marvel at the lofty minutes before returning by air.

Spend a day in Tel Aviv and miss an extraordinary part of the wide open space of the city. Israel’ second biggest city is a piece of coast line that baths in refreshing coffees and livens outdoor and to the extreme. It' s simple to get on the Tel Aviv wing and be enchanted by the atmosphere of innovation - you'd be completely excused if you didn't catch your next plane.

Dubai is a city that looks as if it is always in a state of continuous change and has an energetic capacity that grows with age. There is a wholesome mixture of contemporary and indigenous Arabian cultures from Burj Al Ara to Gold Souk malls. This is the ideal stop for everyone, even those who love the beaches.

Spend the afternoon exploring the unfamiliar parts of Delhi, the opportunity to dine in places where there are only local people, the opportunity to speak to the ladies strolling down the street in a zari, and you'll be awarded the biggest, most unforeseen day of a break you could ever get.

Quatar is a relaxed gateway to the Arabian Empire and rewards the visitor with a rich legacy, hilly sandy dune and lush riches. Multiple City Europe Trip? The city of Barcelona has it all - from the beaches to the Picasso Museum, it's only five moments in the Sagrada Familia at the top of the globe or in the shadow of Park Guell.

Enjoy your evening in the city with sumptuous reds in the beautiful Catalan summer before walking through the Gothic Quarter at twilight. Cocktail at South Bank or the Imperial War Museum, see Shoreditch or browse your face in Camden. Praha is a city to explore - the narrow streets and narrow streets take you to an unfamiliar pub or a shabby dance shoe shop.

The Charles Bridge is of course the heart of Prague, but don't let the remainder of this beautiful city shade you. This city is experiencing a boom in industry and is casting itself into the skies more quickly than Beijing. There is not something for every taste in Warsaw, but for those who are open to a pleasant, infectious atmosphere, it is a good idea to take your moments.

Norway Oslo is Norway's ideal response to its magnificent countryside, reflected by nature architectures and breathtaking artistic institutions, it is clear that Mother Nature herself has inspire this city. Inside the city there is a flourishing food and drink scene and some of the best European museum. With our new multi-city air reservation service, you can select the intermediate stop of your choosing.

The QuestOrganizer will give you an automatic listing of the best stops you can select for your trip, but you can always include any place! Places we suggest are ranked by the lowest, so the top one will always be your best choice if you're just looking to get more for less, or even just a little bit of dollars on flights, so you can pay more for your arrival time.

And the more you can be agile with your travel, the more money you can make!

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