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Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Checker Cab in Anchorage, AK. Browse reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about AK Checker Cab. anchoring of taxis in search of missed taxis Ankorage policemen says the Ford Crown Vic was taken from a house on the 5100- block of Taku Drive's yellowness. Drivers talking to Channel 2 on the basis of anonymous information say it was Taxi #28 and the licence number is KAJ 460. As with all amber cabins, the truck is fitted with a built-in satellite system, which only works when the car's computer system and radios are switched on, according to the drivers.

The Alaska Yellow Dispatch refused to give an opinion on this subject and asked all kinds of question to the rider. A number of taxi riders outside Anchorage Airport on Monday afternoons, awaiting tariffs, said they knew very little about the vanishing van, but were asked to look for the van.

Yellow and Checker riders said they had multiple reports on their computer about the event. In the meantime, the lacking driver's cab operator urges the general population not to get into the car when they see it on the road.

AK Checker Cab at the App Store

Book a cab in Anchorage at Checker Cab with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - 24-74! You can use a card to choose your pick-up point and follow the whereabouts of your cab. Get notifications about the state of your reservation and when your cab will arrive.

CABB FUNCTIONS: - Order a cab now or choose a date and hour for collection in the near term. - You don't know your whereabouts? - Transmit the cab to your actual GPS whereabouts. - You can also touch a site on a card or enter a pick-up area. - Choose a collection or return destination from your phone's contact history.

  • Store a pick-up location as a favourite and use it for further transactions. - Transmit extra information to the rider - enter a greeting, max 255 chars. - You will receive a notification that your reservation enquiry has been received. Optionally, you can continue to wait or reverse the reservation.
  • Show the whereabouts of your cab on a chart. - Reverse a posting. - Touch a pushbutton to make a call to Checker Cab (if the iPhone version has the iPhone version installed). REMARK: If the AK Checker Cab software program is on an iPad or iPod Touch, the Checker Cab call function is inactive.
  • Enter a greeting and email it to the person on the way to your site. - Recieve a notification sent by the rider on his way to your site. Sometimes I make a reservation 30-60 min in advance and a rider is not checked in. Mir was said that the inquiry was not answered or I had to delay another 45 min, or "it's occupied (to the one of the rider who eventually came to pick me up and said an hours later: "No, it's not occupied at all").

Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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