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The third H160 prototype follows the test run for the first time. Marignane, 13 October 2017 - The third H160 prototype (PT3) made its debut test mission at corporate head office this evening. PT3, with its similar production aeroplane style cabins, will help with approval and test flying in order to guarantee the aircraft's readiness for operation before 2019.

"The third prototype includes a significant number of customizations built on two years of test experience gained by our engineering, manufacturing and technical staff," said Bernard Fujarski, senior vice president, head of H160 programs. "He added that it played a key part in the delivery of a sophisticated airplane during commissioning and is also approaching series specification with its inner fairing and cab layout.

Since the first fly of the prototype in June 2015, the first two prototype have completed more than 500 flying lessons. During this period the handling has already been fully checked and the domains have been opened. Residual design activities, such as supplementary thermal tests, antennae and optionals, will be performed on all three aircrafts.

Marignane's Marignane line for assembling the aircraft is in the last stage of preparations and will soon be operational. At the same time, client service activity is being developed with the full participation of service team members through the "Operator Zero" initiative with prototype and test tools to verify and enhance the service schedule, electronic work maps and engineering documents, tools, etc. prior to operation.

In 2019, the first release to be put into operation will be for public transportation - professional aviation or petroleum and natural gas, followed by the EMS release.

Reconditioning of the Airbus Prototype

It is a new set of hopefully useful contributions to open up the prototypes and demonstration aircrafts of various airplane manufactures around the globe. This prototype is the first of its kind to be flown, and will later be supplemented by other models to support flying certifications.

The prototype is then often either kept for further tests and modifications, shipped to an air carrier client, sent to a local or regional store or warehoused and finally scraped. This first article will look at the various Airbus prototype models that have been manufactured from the first Airbus ever to the latest A350XWB.

Middle section and wings in the Munich City Museum Von Meisterwerken, Germany. Further parts can be found in Paris Le Bourget and Toulouse Blagnac. Storage at Hofuf Al-Ahsa Airport, Saudi Arabia. Actively with FedEx Express. Actively with FedEx Express. Privately, headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Actively with Air Canada. Actively working as test bed, Toulouse Blagnac, France.

Available at the Aeroscopia Museum, Toulouse. Onur Air is your partner. Actively involved with Dragonair, Hong Kong. Actively involved in TAP Portugal. Actively involved with Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong. Actively involved with the Royal Saudi Air Force, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Toulouse Blagnac, France. Used as a prospective test bed with Blade. Filed in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

Storage location: Lourdes Tarbes, France. Actively in Toulouse Blagnac, France. Actively in Toulouse Blagnac, France. The MSN2 is kept at the Aeroscopia Museum, Toulouse, and the MSN4 at the Air & Space Museum, Paris Le Bourget.

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