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Contact details and fleet of the aircraft operator for AERO JET INTERNATIONAL. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Aero Jet International in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The Aerojet International, Inc. is a space and defence company. The Aerojet is a complete solution for end users that allows them to search for all PMA parts in our database.

Air Jet International & Air Ambulance Professionals, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Air Jet International and Air Ambulance Professionals announce merger

Aero Jet International (AJI) and Aviation Air Ambulance Professionals (AAP) are pleased to announce the amalgamation of Aero Jet International (AJI) and Aviation Ambulance Professionals (AAP). As a result of the amalgamation of the two firms, the company will become the premier supplier of infirmary care solutions for the solid wings in the United States. The AJI has 15 years experience and the AAP has 22 years experience in the provision of emergency transport throughout the Western Hemisphere.

It comprises a fleet of 5 Learjet 35As in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and a Cessna 402 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, serving the whole area. Within 12-18 month it is anticipated to have more than 10 firm winged aeroplanes in operation. Our relationship will offer unsurpassed advantages and value to our existing customers and caregivers.

AJI' s and AAP' s executive boards, which include Stuart Hayman, Brian Weisz, Jacob Bercovici and Dawn Cerbone, remain in charge of the company's business. Said Stuart Hayman, CEO: "As we are transforming our outpatient business, we are committed to exceeding our clients' aspirations in every way. Co-operation between the two organizations will provide a larger ecosystem to better service their customers with greater agility and competitively priced products, while providing secure, responsiveness and reliability of service using their own airline operating fleets of AJI, PART 135 airline certification #02JA380K, and CAMTS certified senior healthcare personnel provided byAP.

The AJI and AAP will remain hosted and operate from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, and the San Juan Puerto Rico operation will maintain its outpatient transportation from Luis Munoz Marin Airport.

Luftrettung - Medical air transport - Air rescue services - Air rescue services

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ALL GENERAL INFORMATION all general information: angel medflight offers secure passenger transfer with a carefully serviced jet pool for medically assisted transportation. Jet airplanes are designed as ICUs for hospitals, with customized gurneys, special equipments and medication. Featuring a longer cruising distance and higher velocity of breeze, the jet offers more passenger convenience than turboprops.

Emergency planes have global capability and are designed to provide life-saving assistance around the world. Ángel MedFlight uses the Learjet 35 for its quick, secure and effective power. Onboard once, Angel MedFlight deploys a two-man crew on ALL missions, with a nurse and a paramedic staying by the patient's side every turn.

Through all of this, you will see our One Touch Promise®, which guarantees smooth customer support and consistency from beginning to end. Note the following choices to determine which aircraft you are best suited for. MedFlight takes sick persons to healthcare centers around the globe. These include air ambulances for troops, army staff and volunteers, as well as international homecoming services for emergency and long-term treatment and for wounded or sick travellers.

Transporting practically any state of health, encompassing, but not restricted to, burns and wounds as well as injury to the brains, cerebral cords, posttraumatic conditions, organs transplants, open or enclosed heads, breathing disorders, cancers, infants and children. There is also the possibility to offer professional health care.

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