How much does a Learjet Cost

What does a Learjet cost?

The aircraft is, however, equipped with an APU and thrust reversers (rarely on light business aircraft). Offer, she won't last long. Comparison of the cost of the Learjet 45XR and the Citation Encore

The Citation Encore and Learjet 45XR have been two of the industry's most beloved lightweight commercial aircraft since the early 2000s. Both are at the wider end of the lightweight range, although the Learjet is slightly taller as the 45XR has eight occupants and the Encore has seven.

All of them are also among the lighter aircraft with the longest cruising ranges at almost 2,000 sea mile. We will use 200,000 mile per year as the standard in our comparisons for reasons of consistence. Encore cruise rates are about 419 kn or 482 mph, which means that in this case you fly the Encore 415 mph.

Lear 45XR's cruising rate is 489 mph, which means you would need 409 hrs to travel 200,000 mph. How much does it cost to run each of these aircraft for a year, calculated on the basis of fix cost and straight cost? Cessna' s Citation Encore is on fire at 184. Fifty galons of gas per mile.

$5. 00 a gallon, gas will cost you $922. Fifty an o'clock an hour. And you can be sure that the cost of maintaining an encore is about $600. Thirty-eight per class. of 88 on the hourly cost between refuelling and servicing. With 415 hrs or 200,000 mph, that's a grand total of $631,995.

Cruise cost for the encore averages $187,200. You' ll probably be paying $35,100 to hang an encore. Coverage, which includes comprehensive and third party coverage, will cost you $15,210. Pilots are trained at a cost of $41,730. Taken together, these fix charges add up to $279,240. About 415 o'clock we consider the following costs:

Lear 45XR will burn 204 gal of propellant per h, which is $5. 00 per gal is $1,020. Twenty-five per square metre per each hour. Learjet service is $640. Forty-one per league per league per metre, on aggregate, $210 included. Taken together, overall propellant and service cost is $1,660.41 per incident. With 409 hrs (200,000 miles), look at the $679,107 outlay.

1969 per year on directly related operational expenses. You' re paying your 45-XR crews $187,200. 100 for the hanger of 45-XR for one year, the cost of your policy is $19,318. 65-five for the year, and your pilots education will cost you $41,730.00. In view of this, the overall fix cost will be approximately $284,810. 409 o'clock, that gives us:

In the course of a year you would be paying just over $50,000 to use the Lear Force 46XR over the Encore. Consumption and servicing for the Honeywell TFE731 engine of the Honeywell 45XR is the place where most of this additional cash flows. There will also be room for an additional Learjet occupant with a stateroom that is almost two and a half ft longer than that of the Encore's.

On the other side, the encoder has a 50 nm longer cruising distance and a climbing speed that is almost twice as high. The VREF has the retailer value of a Lear 45XR 2006 at $3.3 million and an Encore 2006 at $2.9. If so, you will spend an additional $400,000 each year on buying the Lear Jet and another $50,000 or so.

Learjet do you think it's valuable?

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