Maxi Cab Cost

Maximum cabin costs

Getting a taxi in Italy.... No cheating.

There are also the best genuine tour leaders in the industry who guide our award-winning hikes. Regardless of how much you dedicate yourself to strolling and using your own transportation when travelling in a strange town, sometimes all you have to do is take a cab. However, while it may seem like the simplest of options, a cab ride can also be the simplest way to get stabbed.

To help you prevent a poor journey history, we have compiled a shortlist of the most frequent cab fraud in Italy and how to prevent it. Whatever you have listened to, most taxidrivers in Italy are professionals, kind and sincere. Where possible, take a cab from an authorized cab stand.

Your cab will be a registrated cab (or should be!), which is great. Because in Italy the riders run the counter from the minute they receive the call... no matter where they are. Taxis should, but not always, have many notes and coinage with which to make changes. Don't take a drive from a chauffeur approaching you.

Drivers say it's busted? Of course, a cab! Rom is a bewildering town and not every car owner knows every single resort or café. When you say "Vatican", your chauffeur could take you anywhere in the small land - if you want, say, the Vatican Museums door, you have to say it!

The same, in Rome, for "Borghese" (which could mean the great open air garden.... or the Borghesian Museum). Yeah, the guy who drove you could take you. Italian people do not tip cabbies like Americans - they will at most "round up" them, as for example the Italian says he should keep the money if he hands over 10 ? for 9,50 ?.

However, if the chauffeur will help you, as with your bag, consider whether you want to tip 1 or 2 . We provide small group and individual walks in the largest cities of Rome and Italy. Group sizes: 12 or less; - "add-ons" that personalise your personal trips; - fluent English-speaking specialist guide; - travel agent in Italy and the Vatican with accreditations, i.e. benefits such as access to the Sistine Chapel; - "off-the-beaten-path" routes, such as our valleys from the Crypts subterranean Rome trip, which visit the city's most fascinating tombs and crypts. 4.

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