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Booking a hotel in Sri Lanka online. Book online in Sri Lanka Want to make a booking today? Booking and managing all your dates on the go! Booking and managing all your dates on the go! Don't ever loose a booking due to missing e-mails or missing telephone conversations.

Allows me to centralise all my meetings in one place. This allows a better booking of dates and saves at the same to time time and at the same cost.

There are no more missed deadlines and trouble-free schedule planning.

Customer advisor - Sri Lanka

Assuming your response is "yes", you may have what it takes to become the next Account Manager in our stunning Colombo, Sri Lanka Office! BV (the name behind, the world's premier online booking service) is looking for employees to help our businesses in the fast-growing hospitality market. Lanka (Private) Ltd, one of the Sri Lankan supporting businesses, is looking for a full-time Account Manager in our beautiful office in Colombo, Sri Lanka. BV is supported by you; you are in charge of providing the lodging partner with information and advice on their development, chances in the markets and sector tendencies.

They will enable BV affiliates to use the system, utilities and available BV product range to optimise their services on the site and provide a fantastic customer experiences to clients. Experienced for 2 years in a pertinent accounting role; Fluent in English and Singhalese; Fluent in English and Singhalese; Fluent in writing and speaking; Affinity/experience in the e-journey and/or hotel/travel industries; Proactive, responsible, kind and self-reliant; Exact, powerful analytic ability and an attention to detail; Team players, highly motivating, adaptable and open to changes; Good attitudes; Choice of hospitality school or university backgrounds; Driving licence; Available for travelling 50% of the day; You already reside in Sri Lanka and have a work visa to work in Sri Lanka.

This is a performance-oriented business that provides professional development and reward, as well as bonuses. BV is the world's leading lodging site and the third biggest provider of ecommerce services worldwide. Our connections take travellers to the world's widest range of amazing accommodations, from appartments, cottages and family-run B&Bs to 5-star deluxe hotels, treehouses and even Igloos. Lanka (private) Ltd is one of the supporting firms of BV and/or BookingSuite BV in Sri Lanka. Lanka (private) Ltd is looking for an Account Manager - Sri Lanka. BV is the business behind, the market-leading online booking agency for accommodations in the United States.

The BookingSuite BV is the entity that runs's new Accommodation Marketing Services business unit." refers to BV.

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