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The Alaska Airlines' New Way of Approaching Collaborative Airline (SFO) Time-lags Your next Alaska Airlines to SFO plane could be landing in Oakland or San Jose instead." Your next Alaska Airlines to SFO plane could instead be landing in Oakland or San Jose. Do what? windows._taboola = windows.

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Your next Alaska Airlines to SFO plane could instead be landing in Oakland or San Jose. Following the completion of the Virgin America acquisition, Alaska Airlines is using a new approach to avoid meteorological problems at San Francisco International Airport by diverting some flights to Oakland International and Mineta San Jose airports - and then taking back customers to the FSO.

That is possible because Alaska has rugged timetables for both EICHEN and SJC that seldom show weather-related delay. At all three aerodromes, it also makes it easier for the carrier to have all the staff and facilities necessary to take on diverted flights. Mist ( or "low ceilings" as it is referred to in aviation) or squall wind, poor air quality and delayed flights can be tantamount to a BFS, especially in summers when air traffic controllers often cut (sometimes by half) the number of flights that can reach and leave the airport in safety.

"BFS air traffic controllers' lateness is common and beyond our control," Oriana Branon states. Alaska' s Director of Community and Public Relations in the Bay Area. "Under these conditions we can re-route flights to/from Oakland and San Jose to bring our passengers as near as possible to their initial arrivals times.

" Mr Branon said that the tactics have an added advantage in avoiding delay for Alaska travellers who fly later in the morning. "Traffic control delay limits the number of flights that can arrive in a given time, so they delay the snowball," she said. "Redirecting will dramatically reduce the overall number of our guest affected by delay or cancellation.

" What happens if your SFO ticket is redirected to another one? Flights redirected to EICHEN or SJC can take a free shuttles to BFS, Branon said. In the case of a passenger whose flights are no longer handled by SFO, but by EICHEN or SJC, but by EICHEN or SJC, the carrier will give them at least three hours' prior notification and a free shuttles to EICHEN or SJC.

Alaska often enough has a page on its website with directions on what to do. One important remark on this page is that Alaska does not pay the costs of a ride, cab or transportation to the alternative airports. "I' d much rather get to the Bay Area on schedule at another international destination than run the risk picking up a latency that could lengthen," said William Tsai, a Alaska Airlines freelance flyer.

" He said a detour to Oakland would not remove him too much as he is living in El Cerrito. "Some of the advantages of travelling with lightweight baggage and often is the opportunity to show up at the airfield 30 min before your trip, fly through Clear/TSA Precheck and get on the airplane while the doors close," said Vincent Forni, a Alaska Airlines frequent flyer.

"Alaska will tell me that if I ever get into a dilemma and have to switch my home base, I'll have to make a fairly significant price adjustment for this privilege, so in this case I have the feeling it's quite unjust. And Forni said he flown Alaska between San Francisco and Seattle every week, but recently started to fly United Airlines because of reversals, which extends the journey from his home in South San Francisco.

How about travellers who connect to other flights at the BFS? Alaska' s paying particular heed to its travelroutes. "We' re doing everything we can to get the visitors to their destinations, whether they're transferring or directly taking a cab to get to the nearest airports quicker than the shuttle," she said.

"Diversion in itself is a strategy that helps passengers make these flights - keep in mind the option would be to either reverse or significantly postpone the one. "Branon said that the airlines can ask staff at the gates to keep some flights when a client is a few moments away from establishing a link, although this happens on a case-by-case base.

Others are known to redirect flights to Oakland and San Jose in San Francisco in periods of poor meteorological conditions - but many are lacking the OAK and SJC capabilities to process redirected flights on a regular basis. United, for example, is relatively small in San Jose and does not travel to Oakland at all.

Southwest Airlines spokesman TravelSkills says it does not routinely use this policy to avoid SFO delay, despite the airline's large schedule in Oakland and San Jose. As Alaska Air enters its first peak holiday seasons as the SFO's second biggest air operator following the recently concluded Virgin America acquisition, repeat flyers are keeping a close eye on this novel delay management initiative.

San Francisco is aggressive in its battle for a larger market share in the San Francisco Bay Area, promoting itself as the "most western coast" operator and one with a wealth of flying opportunities at all four major local destinations, Santa Rosa included. "It'?s something else, and I appreciate Alaska trying," Tsai said.

"Hopefully, Alaska will keep an eye on the resulting client feed-back. "What do you think of Alaska Airline's novel SFO delay and diversion management solution?

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