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Macbook Air

In this way you can work unplugged from your morning coffee until your evening shuttle ride. MacBook Air 2018 is a MacBook that Apple is reluctant to update and promote. As Apple's big September events take place this September 12, many speculate that Tim Cook and his crew will take the chance to release an updated version of MacBook Air at the Apple booth. Apple had previously used a special October show to bring "second class" iPhone and MacBook to market, so the September show would focus solely on the iPhone.

However, over the past few years, the iPad's transition to March has been evident, as the MacBook launch has been taken out of the public's venues and referred to the website for updating with little fans. However, let's say Apple decided to download the show with new equipment (which would help divert attention from the shortage of real iPhone Xs and XS Max breakthroughs).

At the latest IFA in Berlin, a number of new notebooks from various vendors were presented that set the pace and set the standard for mobile computer use. Whilst the latter may be a move too far for Apple (even if the patents were applied for early last year), there's no question that any new notebook release must either track fashion or look terribly outdated.

MacBook is practically the next generation of MacOS-based computing that comes close to the latest aesthetic designs, but MacBook Air was specifically designed as an ultra-thin, fashion-conscious notebook. Without MacBook Air upgrades, will Apple revive the product line to fulfill its initial mission?

Is MacBook Air going to be the entry-level Mac OS notebook? Is the MacBook going to try to be the slimmer and more efficient engine? Regardless of what Apple does with its second-rate products, I'm curious to see whether the new notebooks will announce themselves in all their splendour, whether the notebooks will take over iPhone technical supports, or whether the hard drive will sneak into the Apple Store shelf in the hopes that no one will notice.

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