Charter Business Customer Service Phone number

Business Charter Customer Service Phone Number

It is designed to serve our growing number of Spanish-speaking Spectrum customers. A new bilingual call center in Texas to support Spanish-speaking customers - Charter Communication

With Charter it is our obligation to directly service our clients. We therefore aim to reduce our dependence on third party suppliers and eventually increase the number of workplaces in our Group. As part of our last year deals with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, we reiterated this determination and stated that we expect to recruit 20,000 new Charter staff, many of whom will be in customer service.

Early in March, we unveiled the next stages in our drive to expand our internal and external workforce: a commitment to hiring these 20,000 employees over the next four years, a commitment to end our dependence on the off-shore call centres used by Time Warner Cable, and the opening of a new, state-of-the-art bi-lingual call centre in McAllen, Texas.

Our call centre in McAllen is a particular source of pride. It has been developed to cater to our increasing number of Spanish-speaking Spectrum clients. McAllen's customer service staff will eventually offer assistance in charging and repairing TV and web service for clients who choose to talk to us in Spanish in all 41 countries where we operate.

By the end of 2018, more than 600 workplaces will be created, of which around 350 will be occupied this year. Take a first look at our McAllen Call Centre from Anabel Chavez, the Vice President (native of McAllen) who will run the call centre: We do more than just open a new call centre.

Charter invests in McAllen, workplaces in America and our capacity to improve customer satisfaction for our Englishspeaking and Spanish-speaking clients equally. We' re America's most rapidly expanding wire harness operator, and we have the honor of entering our customers' houses or stores to link them to the outside worlds.

Managing a wire harness business is a great Responsibility, and acting well - with dedication, resource allocation and an innovative networking - allows us to offer compelling solutions while increasing customer experience. Looking forward to welcome tens of millions of new people to our organization, we are excited about the opportunities to service our varied customer base and community in the years to come.

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