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Flight inspection Denali

Summit Flight or Standard Scenic Tour? The Denali Air flight tours depart from a private airport south of the park entrance and are easily accessible to visitors. Start to one of the most popular tours in Denali from our private runway south of the entrance to Denali National Park.

National Park & Denali Nature Reserve (U.S. National Park Service)

Most of the airlines, among them both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, are located in the municipalities immediately around the parks, such as Talkeetna, Denali Parc, Healy and Kantishna. A few flights also start in Anchorage and Fairbanks. A number of airlines operate flights all year round. In order to improve the flying pleasure, passengers can fly aboard an aircraft fitted with skis and touch down on one of the parking valleys.

Aeroplanes landing on a glacier in the Denali National Park are allowed to the following flight licensees: Kantishna and Denali; (907) 644-8222) provides aerial taxis between the McKinley Landing Runway, at the parking gate, and the Kantishna Landing Runway, as well as flights from Kantishna. Numerous other aerial taxis are also allowed to fly in parts of Denali.

Annex to Denali air traffic control journeys

The best way to experience the ride, we think, is to ask your driver a question. Rust flyers know a great deal about Alaska and the area they are flying over. You' ll get a more personalised ride if you ask me a question! As you will be on a glider for about three hour, we suggest you use the bathroom before the trip.

Rust's lavatories in the hangar block, the scarlet door across from the offices. Rust's stopping on the road. Pilots select the stop according to season, meteorology and landscape options. Timetables may change. nbsp;425 plus 3% transport charge per passenger. Timetables may differ.

With an altitude of 20,320 ft, Denali (formerly Mt McKinley) is the heart of Denali National Park, and you get the best views of a Denali flight with Rust's! Experience new levels on the three-hour Discover Denali Flightseeing trip with an expert Alaska bushwalker who enjoys sharing the most remote and spectacular scenery in Alaska.

Leave Lake Hood, Anchorage's bustling seaport, cross the plains via Cook Inlet (possible Beluga whales), watch elk and, season and season permitting, following the rugged Alaska Range vertebrae with their solid cliffs and icewalls to crown gem Denali (formerly Mt McKinley).

Seasonal and meteorological conditions determine the place for the stop.

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