Charter Channels


Three cable channels in the city of Millville. City of Millville, Massachusetts, Massachusetts Millville City program timetables and latest newsletters can be viewed by following the link below. There' three cable channels in the town of Millville. If you are a resident who does not wish to receive the Charter Cable, you can find the information here!

They are thankful for the hardwork and commitment of our voluntary committee for cable access and our cable access secretary and cameramen. Public Access Channel is dedicated to information, entertaining and programing communities' interests. As a rule, the notice boards are intended for charitable events.

It' s on Charter Cable Channel 191. Educational Access Channel is dedicated to programing the Blackstone-Millville Regional School District. This notice is intended for use only by Blackstone and Millville for authorized school-related activities and information. It'?s on the Charter Cable Channel 194. Millville's GAC is a local authority information channel for Millville's local governments, including important communications from various municipalities, bodies and commissions.

Agendas of scheduled selectmen meetings are published on this chanel along with all selectmen message. These bulletins serve to publicise and inform the communities and are primarily kept up to date by the Executive Secretary. It' s on Charter Cable Channel 192.

Charters shift from 11 Viacom channels to the most costly level

This Thursday's charter will bring 11 Viacom-owned channels to the most costly level (Gold) and eight Viacom channels to the cheapest level (Select). These steps result from the new transport contract between Charter and Viacom, which was concluded last November. Last November, the company released a news announcement in which it highlighted the move of the eight Viacom channels to Choose. with the highest number of subscription customers and thus the highest number of spectators.

Of the eight channels, seven, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, Paramount Network, TV Land and VH1, were previously in the most costly charter schedule (Gold), which has the least subscription. CMT, the 8th canal, was included in both Charter's silver and golden schemes. Viacom Charter is certainly a win for the eight channels that are Viacom's most prestigeous and most-watched.

Charter-Viacom's November news announcement, however, did not disclose that Charter 11 will convert its 11 nickel channels held by Viacom from silver/gold to bullion. Charter's new canal offer which comes into force on Thursday 25 January. It was sent to Charter's after sales staff over the week-end. 11 channels BET Her, BET Jams, BET Soul, MTV2, MTV Classic, TeenNick, NickToons, Logo, MTV Live, MTV Tres and Nick Music are losing connectivity to a significant number of charter members when converted from silver/gold to golden.

Whilst this is metaphorically correct (e.g. Nick Jr. remains in silver and gold), the 11 Viacom channels will only be in gold from Thursday onwards if they were previously in silver and gold. The Gold Plan will cost $20 more per months than silver for current charter members, and it seems unlikely that many individuals will be upgrading just to continue monitoring the 11 channels.

Charter, the nation's second biggest underground network provider, has more than 16 million digital videophones. It is not known exactly how many are included in the Silver and Gold schedules, but it is reasonably assumed that the 11 Viacom channels could loose exposure to million prospective spectators as a result of the new deal.

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