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Management-Trainee at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel | Top Jobs in Sri Lanka

Are you living off the challenge and reward of a successful professional life? Accompany us to shape your futures with the best lifestyles brands and reap the advantages that go with them! The Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts Management Trainees will participate in an 18-month program that offers young, emerging executives unparalleled opportunity to reach the top of the hotel world.

Become a member of this élite group of prospective managers in order to broaden your professional horizon.

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Accompany us on a worthwhile journey through Sri Lanka's thriving gastronomy. While you work with our nature miracles, meeting international travellers and being eternally drawn by our iconic tales, Sri Lanka is without a doubt one of the best working worlds for a careers in the tourist and gastronomic industries.

Because we believe in the importance of the support of each individual member, our careers advancement and development programs are also conceived to provide our staff with outstanding leadership and education. No matter which division you want to develop your careers in, our familiy is one that is connected, advanced and global.

If you have a special expertise that would be a welcome complement to any real estate in Sri Lanka, please check out our recent job openings below, subdivided into each of our divisions. Our department for foods and beverages, which is in charge of the maintenance of the high standard of meals and services for the hotel's guest, offers its employees a wide range of possibilities and abilities for professional advancement.

The Food and Beverage staff at jetwing properties strive to deliver a dining, bartending or banqueting environment that surpasses guests' expectation by delivering the outstanding value and services that add to the overall performance and renown of our unique establishments. The role of a front office department is to act as the face of the building, welcoming and check-in passengers and assuring their well-being during their sojourn.

Most of the time, our clients interact with the front office staff, and a cordial welcome and supportive approach is essential to create a permanent reminder in a guest's head. The Spa/Fitness and Leisure Department offers a wide range of spa and fitness activities and amenities to improve guests' well-being and wellbeing.

Our expert staff in this sector are passionate about the creation and maintenance of an enviroment designed to enhance the physical condition and well-being of our people. Home economics play a decisive part in guaranteeing an extraordinary dining and dining atmosphere. Not to underestimate the effects of its functions on the performance of a hospitality establishment.

Our housekeepers make every effort to offer their clients neat and pleasant accommodations outside their homes. Ranging from the freshest linens to flawless bathroom and lobbying, our employees are dedicated to raising Jetwing's standard for excellence and sophistication. Technical and Maintenance Services play an important roll in the maintenance of a secure and fully functional facility.

To ensure that the property stays in optimal working order, the division is in charge of the servicing and repairs of the property and its electric and mechanic installations. Besides day-to-day servicing and complete refurbishment, this division is also in charge of saving garbage and power.

Distribution and Promotion is in charge of promoting, selling and booking the store for the property and provides an evaluation of where the property is located in the city. In order to guarantee the highest possible utilisation of the capacity of the hotel at any time, the distribution and promotion teams also coordinate promotional and PR campaigns that aim to improve the hotel's reputation on the markets.

It is the Finance Division that is accountable for all finance activity of the hotels. The division is tasked with collecting and analyzing expenditure on operating the hotels, providing an audit trail of asset values, debt and finance transaction, as well as budget and income for the hotel's various divisions.

Finance keeps all accounting-relevant accounts in accordance with federal laws and guidelines and monitors the Payroll and Procurement functions. Within the company's corporate culture, we at Jetswing know that our employees are the company's most important asset. Our human resources efforts are focused on strengthening our employees and create a good working environment in which each individual member of the teams makes a valuable difference.

Our staff recruiting and staffing, education, management and general staff relationships division provides a range of services in a supporting and kind way. Resource information plays an important part in the success of your business. The information system and technology divisions at Jetwing Property are geared to customer care and technology, and staff work relentlessly to keep the hotel's computer system running smoothly at all hours.

That division is in charge of supporting in-house hospitality management and ensuring that customers can remain in touch at all time.

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