Helicopter Flying Games

Hubschrauber Flight Games

Soar high in the sky, engage in intense warfare, and drop bombs on your enemies in one of our many free online helicopter games! Pick any game from helicopter flight games and have some fun. No matter what kind of helicopter game you play, you can experience the thrill of flying and exploring the sky! Fly games online, free airplane games, helicopter games to play for kids, girls. We have all kinds of flying simulator games, from airplanes to helicopters.


Be a helicopter driver and show your skill in one of our helicopter games. Challenge our set of high-octane chop choppers, flying at breakneck speed and shooting rockets to victory! In one of many different types of choppers you can choose which airplane you want for each flight. Our helicopter games will entertain you for many long long hours. Come and enjoy them!

Fly, interweave between obstructions and target your foes directly from the helicopterpit. Fight with perilous foes or unwind and construct structure with building helidecks. Featuring Apaches, Seahawks and skywardens at your command, you'll be like a true aviator!

Hubschrauberspiele - Free Online Helicopter Games

Hubschrauber are a fascination means of travel - we are often mysterious about scientists and amazed at how these aircraft succeed in staying in the sky and flying. Choppers are used for a wide array of applications - some for travel and touring, others for searching and rescuing, others even for defence missions and with a host of disastrous weaponry!

With our helicopter games, you can leap into the dashboard and steer these magnificent devices in some chilly scenery! There are helicopter browsergames in many different forms and scales - some helicopter games have real 3-D visuals and allow you to conduct lethal battles in the skies. Some helicopter games offer array deck type game play with backgammon graphic and funny side-scrolling flying chaos.

Helicopter games are great in every category and are a different adventure than other driver and car sim games. Below you will find three samples of the helicopter games we offer: First, we have Real Flight Simulator 2, a fantastic flight sim so you can steer a wide range of choppers and see what it's like to ride these fantastic planes.

Second, we have Destroy Force, a top-down helicopter arcade match - you take command of a helicopter and have to battle a number of different foes through amazing sandscapes. At last we have Copyter, a fun but hooked looking board puzzler with a similarity to Flappy Bird - you have to fly your helicopter and bypass a series of obstructions.

The three games show you what you can look forward to from our helicopter games - just take a look at what other games we can do for you. We' ve gathered 30 of the best free helicopter games online. Have a look at the 30 best free helicopter games now! Games range from browsergames for your computer and your portable device to helicopter games for your Android and iPhone cell phone and tablet.

We show you the games 1 - 30, inclusive Free Rally 2, War Brokers (.io), Pixelar: Car wars and many other free games. From 16234 voices, these helicopter games got a score of 8.8 / 10.

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