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Changing the Storage Capacity Sub Accounts E-mail Support Spectrum Receive 5 GB of disk space for your Spectrum email. Because if you enrolled in the web before November 15, 2016 and didn't update your schedule, you might have a great email store. Easy access to the Internet: Default Internet: 2 Gigabyte (GB). Instant Internet: Specify how much of your disk space is associated with each email album.

Every email has a standard 20-megabyte ( MB) size, and you can raise or lower this amount. Assume you have the standard web and use the main bank and three other members of the household each have their own sub-account. Evenly distribute your 2 GB of disk by allocating 500,000 megabytes for each of the four seats, or any assignment, as long as the amount of disk you specify does not exceed the amount of disk you allow for your degree of satisfaction.

How to adjust the memory space for e-mail accounts: From the Manage your mailbox preferences section, click Manage your e-mail boxes contacts. Opens the Manage your voice mail folder page. Click the email for which you want to edit the memory in the Email Addr field. Opens the Edit Your Account page. Use the Allocate Quota text field to specify the number of bytes you want to assign to this record.

Opens the Manage Mailbox Accounts page. Your changes are shown in the Quota in use field. 5 You can redo step 4 through 6 to modify the memory size for other e-mail contacts. So if you've already assigned all your memory to your web plan, but want to expand the memory for a specific email address, you'll need to first decrease the memory for one of your other email addresses.

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Streamline your message delivery with Microsoft Exchange email hosters. With companies looking for ways to increase communications efficiency while lowering the expense of administering message delivery networks, more and more IT groups are turning to Microsoft Exchange email hosters to reduce expenses while enhancing safety, reliability, and usability. Microsoft Exchange's email serving solution enables IT staffs to perform the critical but routinely required roles of administering, overseeing, and servicing Messaging equipment, allowing IT staff to concentrate on more strategically important IT issues.

Exchange email hosting also reduces the cost of ownership by mitigating and potentially eliminating the initial investment cost of on-site provisioning. In addition, a solution that is fully hosted enables enterprises to better align IT assets with business needs, eliminating the aging of inherited assets that cannot simply be discarded or customized. Employing a dedicated suite of applications professionals who constantly apply the latest fixes, patch, service release and upgrade, enterprises can offer full user experience with the latest version of messaging and collaborative applications, as well as enhanced protection and resilience.

Protect your technological resources with integrated DR and business continuity. Take advantage of the power of your business and protect your business. More effective budgets for your message delivery service.

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