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The SkyTaxi Sp. z o.o. is a Polish charter airline based in Wroc?aw and located at Kopernikus Airport Wroc?

aw. skyTaxi is a charter airline based at Copernicus Airport (WRO) in Wroc?aw, Poland.

As you may know, a new EU data protection directive known as the General Data Protection Directive ("GDPR") will enter into force on 25 May.

As you may know, a new EU Directive on general principles of confidentiality and electronic communications ("GDPR") will enter into force on 25 May. The aim of this new legislation is to harmonise existing legislation on information technology and civil liberties throughout the EU and to strengthen the right of individuals residing in Europe to the safeguarding of their individual information.

Regarding the Cessna 510 Mustang near Friedrichshafen, we would like to point out to our clients that the planes participating in the incident do not form part of our business and are not connected to our business. Unfortunately, the resemblance of our corporate name can cause our clients to be confused.

For all soccer player and supporters, summers mean the beginning of the new soccer season. Here is a list of all the new soccer events. In early August we had the chance to welcome Zag??bie Lubin crew members on our planes on their way to Denmark, where they were playing against SonderjyskE in Haderslev. Our captain's expertise and our arrival at a very small aerodrome in Voyens have helped soccerers save valuable extra travel times by only covering 5 km by coach instead of 75 km when arriving in Billund.

Many thanks to Zag??bie Lubin and we sincerely hope that you had a nice time.

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The SkyTaxi is a domestic company headquartered at Wroclaw International Airports in Poland. From 2000 to 2001 SkyTaxi flown to many destinations in Europe, and at the end of 2001 SkyTaxi resolved to expand its own family. Cessna T303 Crusader took off in 2002 for business use. SkyTaxi has been operating extensive routes since 2003 and the Civil Aeronautical Authority of Poland has reached an agreement that the airline's service meets the EU air traffic standards.

Founded in 2000, SkyTaxi is recognized in Poland as a leading provider of inland airfare. The SkyTaxi runs an SAAB 340As plane and the entire crews, personnel and service teams are well educated and highly skilled. With SkyTaxi, you can enjoy both freight and passengers charters throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

Default load of SkyTaxi approved equipment is 11 kg. As well as the mass of your bags, they may vary according to the agreements for a particular route. With SkyTaxi you can fly to many different places and offer all your guests a low priced and secure airport experience. Explore the most famous SkyTaxi air services to major cities in Europe.

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Now SkyTaxi (Warsaw) operates its SAAB 340A SP-MRC (msn 143) for the upcoming Jetisfaction (Münster-Osnabrück). SkyTaxi accepts PayPal to make airline travel easier and safer for you. The PayPal is one of the world' s premier methods of making payments on-line with more than 169 million PayPal account numbers around the world.

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