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The booking of current and future orders is possible, add notes to the driver. ConfortDelGro Introduces Flat-Fare Taxi Booking Options, Latest Singapore News

Only a few and a half years after Grab introduced aggressive taxi and taxi fares, KomfortDelGro promised to provide detail on a shallow haul that would roll it out on its own cabin tailing application. Singapore's biggest taxi company said it will be offering the taxi booking service through its telephone application starting Monday. In addition to the conventional fares for comfort and CityCab cabs, this optional service is also available.

Lump sum pricing calculates and blinks the tariffs before a journey, taking into consideration the route to be covered and any applicable supplements, inclusive of the booking surcharge. "As soon as a package price is selected, there will be no extra charges unless the passengers change destinations or make unscheduled trips," said the ComfortDelgro spokesperson.

There is a $5 fee for each extra stop on the route and a $5 fee for a switch to another location (for each 5 km of extra route). Fees for electronic road use also apply. However, congestion delay does not lead to a higher ticket price, as opposed to the measured ticket price options.

ConfortDelGro said its riders are emboldened to take over package deals by waiving the call charge. However, the taxi driver said that it is 40 euro cent per call. He also said that it is still investigating vibrant prices that allow tariffs to vary with market demands.

According to analysts, the transportation industry is cautious with prices that are dynamically rising, as taxi drivers have been unenthusiastic with those who have accepted it that their tariffs have been slashed. "Uber was the first to introduce aggressive price structuring. Uber focused on satisfying the demands of "specific groups of passengers" who are able and willing to afford more, "rather than bulk carriers.

However, in Singapore, he said, taxi attendances are regarded as amenable to the earth. Lee said he expected ComfortDelGro's generally lower Flat Rates than the dynamically changing rates. "It'?s intuitively attractive to have a Flatrate. As the taxi tariff is known to the traveller at the moment of booking, he retains the right to choose whether to take or not."

The National Taxi Association's Executioner Adviser, Ang Hin Kee, said the step of comfort should be well received. "Uncertainties about the ultimate costs of a trip are removed for commuters," he remarked, "taxi drivers are given an extra podium to reach commuters."

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