Taxi Transfers abroad

Taxi-transfers abroad

If you want to get to the airport from home, such as a Gatwick airport transfer, save money by booking in advance with our Airport Taxi Service. You can book a taxi or shuttle bus with us before you travel.

Dependable services and competitive rates!

At VIENNA AirPORT Traverser, we provide you with the most dependable and efficient transport to Vienna International Airports...! The VIENNA AIRPORT Traverser offers you a wide range of transfers: The means of transport you use, whether for personal or commercial use, to and from SCHWECHAT-VIENNA International Airports. Individual/customer-specific consulting sevices. Long waitlists at the Vienna International Airports and delayed transfers to Vienna International Airport can now be avoided.

This is what we offer: The VIENNA AIRPORT Transffer offers you a large range of taxi transfers. Whether you choose Familientaxis (5 to 8 persons), Pannenfahrzeuge (1 to 4 persons) with plenty of baggage room or a sedan (1 to 3 persons) with less baggage room - the Vienna International Airport Transfers will definitely satisfy your needs!

Booking your Vienna International Airports transfers now is simple and convenient. Choose "to airport" or "from airport", enter all your details and do everything on-line, very simple and in a few moments. It is also possible to make your booking for the Vienna International Airport Transfers faster by dialling the available number: "Vienna Airport":

46 (0) 664 200 9 531 - the Vienna Airport Transfers staff is looking forward to your call. "and you are the only passenger in the car. At TAXI AIRPORT we take the security of all our customers, especially kids, very seriously. Ask customer service and we can send you an EU VAT bill.

When you need a shuttle within the next 24hrs, please call our support staff and we will review our availabilities and do our best to offer the best possible shuttle services.

The taxi shuttle from Novi Sad to Belgrade International Airport provides daily shuttle transportation for either individuals or corporate entities for commercial use.

The taxi shuttle from Novi Sad to Belgrade International Airport provides daily shuttle transportation for either individuals or corporate entities for commercial use. Travelling from Novi Sad to Belgrade International airport takes place according to the volume of air transport and the chosen itinerary. Driving times on the Novi Sad to Belgrade motorway are 1 hr on one way, and 1 hr and 20 min on the old Roman roads via Romania.

In case a passenger wishes a taxi shuttle from more than one address, the timetable will be adapted. Taxitransfer to the foreign airports: The taxi services include the collection of passenger and transfers to domestic and foreign airports: Budapest, Timisoara, Zagreb and all other airport on your wish with our warranty of a convenient and secure taxi-drive.

The vehicles are built for a convenient and dependable transport from and to the airport. Airport-taxi shuttle car fleets have a contemporary look, roomy high-tech interiors and extra engineering to ensure safety. Our taxi fleets have a contemporary look, a roomy high-tech cabin with extra technology for safer use.

All our automobiles are equipped for the convenient and dependable transportation of overland passenger and all transfers to and from our main ports. Our fleet is air-conditioned and equipped with an audio player (MP3) and our guests always enjoy themselves regardless of the travelling season. Services guarantee a profesional taxi shuttle from Novi Sad to the Novi Sad International Park International Park at an accessible cost.

Our taxi transfers from the airports are adapted to your needs, because we are there for you! you can change the price of the taxi transfers. Flughafentaxi-Transferdienst is not a PDV tax payer and therefore the indicated rates are definitive. Book a taxi shuttle to the destination via: reservations forms, e-mail, telephone, train,.....

Born in 2000, the concept was given room to evolve and shape itself by taking over the so-called taxi transfers from Novi Sad to the ATS. Our priorities are the satisfaction of our customers and we ensure this with our dependable and experienced road transport staff at home and abroad.

When checking in, the Taxi Transfers Department informs its clients that it is very important to take advantage of the opportunity to find out about your flight and arrival at Nikola Tesla International Airports. With this option you will always have accurate information about possible flight delay at Belgrade airports.

Flughafentaxi-Transferdienst provides you with free use of our drivers' own GPS and Mobil equipment, and you can track all useful information about your flights and information about your roads provided by authorised authorities. It is the second biggest town in Serbia, the capitol of Vojvodina County and the administration centre of South Backa County.

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