Taxi Ride Cost

Cost of the taxi ride

Outside the city, Flat Taxi taxi fares are available, call us for more information. What you should know about Las Vegas taxi fares. How much does a 2-3 km taxi ride cost? - Reykjavik Forum

How much does a 2-3 km taxi ride cost? How much would a regular 2-3 km taxi ride in Reykjavik cost? Is it very different according to the season of the year? How much does a 2-3 km taxi ride cost? The tariff display shows both travel times and distances, so a very long 2 km drive through a heavily frequented area can be more costly than a fast 3 km drive.

How much does a 2-3 km taxi ride cost?

Vegas Taxi Tariff

There is an extra $2.00 McCarran Fee if you start your journey from the McCarran International Airports. When the meter detects that the taxi is traveling less than 8-12 MPH, the meter calculates a fee of $.27 (27 cents) every 30 seconds ($32.40 per hours of waiting).

Therefore, the meter will continue to collect fees even if the taxi cab does not move. The Nevada Act stipulates that Las Vegas taxis must have a climate control and heating system. Sixteen cab operators serve the Las Vegas Valley. Up to 5 people and the price is the same no difference how many people travel.

Make sure you have enough money for the ticket price, as most taxi riders in Las Vegas do not take debit card. Using Tunnels I-215 from McCarran International is NEVER the fastest way to EVERY Las Vegas Strip hotels and this will lead to higher prices. It is also important to know that Las Vegas taxi riders must follow the passenger's instructions when it comes to the chosen itinerary.

Get your housework done, use the below listing or Google the quickest way to your nearest resort before coming to Las Vegas. Daily times, distance travelled, weekdays, destinations and transport can affect the price displayed on the meter. Please note: The live itinerary below is calculated on mileage and may not be the quickest or least expensive.

Saving money tip: Before taking a taxi from McCarran to your accommodation, first make sure you checked here to make sure your accommodation does not provide a free shuttleservice from the accommodation. Arriving at McCarran International and arriving in Las Vegas City Center, The Tropicana Hospital, MGM Grand, Excalibur or New York-New York, take the Westcliff Express Bus for only $2 per trip to floor zero of the New York City International Center.

Remember that this can be a short walk from the stop to your accommodation. If you have any complaint regarding taxis in Clark County, please call the Taxicab Authority at or telephone: Every Las Vegas taxi company has a lifting van that can carry a chair or roller.

Please call ahead to schedule a pick-up.

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