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An Alaska Airlines pilot who says that she was violated by another pilot, The Sue Company One Alaska Airlines pilots took the company to court and claimed that it had been stunned and violated by another pilots during a stopover last year. Betty Pina's suit, 39, was lodged on Wednesday, 20 workingdays after its presentation at the carrier on February 13, in the King County Superior Court in Washington State.

Ms Pina, an army vet who was flying in Afghanistan, is said to have been the co-pilot on a June mission with the master from Anchorage to Seattle to Minneapolis, where the two had a planned stay. Apparently, the complainant had asked Mrs Pina to join him for pizzas and beverages in the restaurant bars where the crew spent a while.

When she arrived, Mrs. Pina said she had drunk a bottle of fine beer, and then he gave her another. Suit was filed this weekend by the Seattle Times and other major regional newscasters. Meanwhile, in an interviewee held later Thursday, Ms. Pina, who had landed between flight, reviewed many of the particulars in the suit.

He says she passed out, and when she came early the next day, she was lying in his room sofa, nude from the bottom of her head; her lingerie was in her handbag. Pursuant to the complaint, a cabin crew member said to a chief operating officer that she saw the pilots "walking down the hangar with a little gal and two glasses of wine" and that the cabin crew member was worried about going with him.

They were suspended for returning to Seattle on June 6, the following morning after the film. Ms Pina said in the following few days that she gave the trade unions, an air company HR officer and an air company expelled detective detailed information about what she remembered. The United States judiciary has previously addressed the question of sex ually harassing aircrews during their stay and expanded the job description.

A New York Circuit Board of Appeal in 2001 decided that Delta Air Lines may have been responsible for not doing enough to prevent a cabin hostess from saying that she was raped by another cabin hostess even though the incident took place when the two were off work in a room in a Chicago resort building. Alaska Airlines said in a declaration that it takes the issue seriously.

Failure to reach the unidentified pilots on Friday. In 2016 she began working for Alaska Airlines. Ms. Pina said that she had followed the suit because she wanted the airline to call the pilots to account. "She said it occurred over night to a lieutenant who abused his official post on an occasion when I was in a nearby motel. With the headline:

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