Number to a Cab

Driver's cab number

Select a transport you can trust, Green Cab or Pheum Madison with affordable prices. If you are filing a complaint against a vehicle owner or owner, please include your name, mailing address, daytime telephone number and e-mail address. reclamations Car rental businesses and car rental providers provide annual car rental and car rental services in the District of Columbia to million people each year.

If you are making a claim against a car keeper or car owners, please provide your name, postal adress, telephone number on the day and e-mail adress. A number of possibilities exist for contacting the Rental Vehicles Department Appeal Office: Photovoltaic identification (PVIN), an alpha-numeric code, is found on the skylight cupola on the car's rooftop.

As soon as your complaints are submitted to the Rental Vehicles Department, the complaints procedure begins. There are four steps to the car rental complaints process: Case-ID number is provided to keep a record of the claim state. Complaints will be examined in order to determine the identity of the operators concerned.

Provider receives an invite to a meeting on volunteer solutions with the Agency. Level adjournment conference: A meeting is held between the Agency and the Provider to resolve the dispute. They will be informed when a ruling is made on your appeal. Potential choices are, inter alia, that the Agency will not take measures against the appeal, resolve the case during the proceedings or refer the case to the Administrative Negotiation Bureau for a ruling.

During the entire appeal procedure, each appellant receives an e-mail alert when his appeal moves to the next phase. Please see the complaints procedure for rental vehicles for more information. For Hire vehicle operators or companies are unlawfully discriminating in the District of Columbia: When you believe that you have been subject to discriminatory treatment by an owner or business, please complete Section II of the Car Rental Division Complaints Form and your complaints will also be filed with the Human Rights Office.

Submitting a claim to the Human Rights Office is free of charge and does not involve a solicitor.

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